Safe Exchange Developer Update July 23, 2017

Hello everyone,

A brief update to the community:

First of all: Huge welcome to our new members. We look forward to your input and participation in the World’s Marketplace that we are building.

This past week has been knee deep in website redesign, and wallet development. We are each engaged directly in making both developments happen by August 5th. On August 6th we’ll be presenting publicly the wallet and website in Poland at a crypto currency conference.

Where we are with things: On the website we’re working out responsive optimization so that it will look correctly on different resolutions. This week will be a content and messaging overhaul to best communicate the vision so fewer people are lost.

On the wallet side of development: we are finalizing the backend, and will be handing off the backend to codify the front end layout. So we ahve a good dynamic, while the website gets wrapped up the wallet backend is getting wrapped up, then we will trade off where Daniel will take on the website backend to add optimization and Pavle will take over the wallet front end on the mission to deliver by our firm date. We are working day and night.

Going forward you can start to see graphic adjustments to the safex logo take a look at it has an updated visual presentation which will start to take over the entire net scape :wink:

An update on Bittrex ticker rename: the request is in, and our 1.5 btc payment is in. They have a lot on their plate and as soon as they are clear they will implement the ticker update. Importantly: now accepts USD wire transfers for Bitcoin which can be used to buy SAFEX from their exchange. That could be an added convenience to many people interested to get into SAFEX and crypto currencies, so hats off to them for that.

Recently you have noticed that deposits and withdrawals are disable, that is because SAFEX is emebedded in the Bitcoin Blockchain for this phase. The Bitcoin Blockchain is undergoing a protocol upgrade so it is advisable not to perform transactions of safex or bitcoin for the time being. We’ll definitely report in when that danger is expired.

Please don’t forget to put your questions for us in the thread for the questions :slight_smile: :
Safex FAQ: Seeking out your questions

We will use that to make the FAQ page and start the SAFEX Wiki ^^

Thoroughly appreciate all the new names and feed back popping in, and look toward the ever brightening of the future as we build a free society who can trade freely around the globe.

Safe Exchange Developers


Hey great work guys! Love to see what y’all are up to.
I’m sure once the wallet hits and the website update we’ll shoot past a penny. Thanks so much for all your hard work Safex team.
One way of showing the dedication you guys put into this project is just that simple tweet Daniel put out of the picture with the doves on the windowsill and the caption, “Three doves hanging out by my window this morning… love coding into the rising sun”
To me this really shows the dedication of the developers here. Its a great feeling to know that we’ve got such passionate, hardworking folks working all night… until the sun rises. Haha! It’s a beautiful thing.
Thanks team!


Dayum, that looks sick.


Love this coin, love this team! Do it guys!! Hear from you soon… :city_sunrise: