Recovery Safex Wallet

Hello team, i have send the same mail on the form but i don’t have receve any reply.

I had a special hard drive crypto, or I had to install the safex wallet … but I did not know that the safexwallet.dat was registered on the hard drive windows! But like all the other portfolios in the same file where the wallet off my SSD is dead 3 weeks ago and I have not managed to recover from giving it, I no longer have access to my wallet safex because I no longer have the .Dat file. But I have a copy of my deposit of bittrex to the safex wallet, I have the transaction hash and I ALWAYS have the secret password of the account because I thought as it is indicated on your application that it was the only one to remember.

Please help me.


Sorry to hear, it is a good practice to make a physical print out of the key for such reason, or back up the key on cloud services.

I don’t think there’s a way to recover without the key, it’s security for a reason.

Hope you didn’t have too much on there.

Hello, Thank you for the answer, indeed we agree to the copy I also have a copy of other wallet that forced printing at the opening. However on the wallet safex only the idea the indication to keep the password is present so I naively thought we were on a new wallet system and that’s why I also sent all the corners on it for the holder, I sincerely thought that was possible Restore the account from the address and password since it was not appropriate to keep the key. Especially I had installed the wallet safex on a disk that was not the Windows disk for security but unknowingly the wallet generates the backup file of the wallet on the Windows disk … Which is very annoying. I have about 50,000 safex lost which even though it’s not huge represents a big chunk of my holding capital in crypto. Thank you for the help you can bring me at the dawn of Christmas. Regards