Safe Exchange Developer Update April 6, 2017

Hello Friends,

We’ve just finished pushing forward the adjustments to the pixelated graphics from last week, as well as the updated translation to Chinese Language.

Pavle is now starting implementation of the coin management page user interfaces so that we can import keys and use Safe Exchange Coins as well as Bitcoins from within the site itself. This will also lead to Proposals and Voting to happen in there.

We are still on the look out for a full stack developer to supplement our developments with user friendly applications to interact with our systems: Safe Exchange Coins/Chille Blockchain. This is a key hire and I am confident that we will meet the right person within the next 7 days.

Tonight we are hosting the Belgrade Bitcoin Developers meetup. This is a meetup that I have started to replicate the format of the San Francisco Bitcoin Developer meetups from which I have learned a huge deal from those leaders in Bitcoin/crypto currency. I expect that we will be able to increase awareness of Safe Exchange and crypto currencies in this city as it is so abundant with talented people who simply have not yet been exposed to reliable information about crypto currencies and Bitcoin alike.

Also last night I have published two videos that directly explain the value proposition of Safe Exchange Coin and the Chille Blockchain check it out if you haven’t already:

It is very exciting to see many new faces, and it is motivating that the mission that we’ve embarked on is agreeable to people when they hear about it. So glad to be on this journey with you all :sunrise:

Our next update will be early next week. Looking forward to it.

Thanks for reading, have a great week!

Safe Exchange Developers