Video: The relationship between Safe Exchange Coin and the Chille Blockchain

I’ve had an intent to make a video that describes the purpose of the Safe Exchange Coin, and how it relates to the Chille Blockchain. Here it is.
^^ The relationship between Safe Exchange Coin and the Chille Blockchain

^^ Safe Exchange Coin and Chille Blockchain Dividend Scenario

A big thanks to the great feedback that we’ve been receiving from the community, as it has motivated me to get this video made promptly. Huge thanks to @framelalife for the visually stimulating graphics, they really improve the experience of the video, I think so.

Hope this helps to clearly understand Safe Exchange Coin purpose and value.


Please note that our weekly development update will be announced tomorrow.


Ty @dallyshalla , very useful video!

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Thanks @dallyshalla. I look forward to seeing this project come together.
I am a holder of SEC in an OmniWallet. I’m wondering how you will identify SEC holders for them to receive Chille coins when launched.

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I am planning to embed Safe Exchange Coins into the Chille Blockchain to make the dividend distribution without an intermediary solution (very automatic)

The other way is very simple: we have public keys where the Safe Exchange Coins are and time, we can design a module that checks for your ownership at a particular point in time on the bitcoin blockchain and distribute you the Chille coins (this more manual) because the chille reward pool will reserve your bounty, but you must go and redeem it.