Safe Exchange Developer Update March 14, 2017

Hello :slight_smile:

At this time there is an active proposal to officially change the Safe Exchange Coin ticker from SEC to SAFEX. This is something that we have been receiving some push back about, and generally the polls indicate that switching from SEC to SAFEX will have a positive effect for our coin. Especially after the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) rejected Bitcoin as a trading instrument on official exchanges in the USA. So I hope you can vote to support the shift and it has been great to see so much feedback from the crowd.

Please go ahead and vote if you are so inclined. Click this sentence to view the thread for voting on the SAFEX ticker change.

Please also read this article that I wrote, and I urge us Safe Exchange Holders to prevent us becoming victims of hacking at exchanges. Please withdraw Safe Exchange Coins unless you plan to sell them in the near moment or at this time. If you are simply storing them in the exchange’s wallets it is a really bad idea!!

Even though exchange at this time our only exchange partner is demanding 1.5 btc to change the ticker, which I have indicated is unreasonable; however, we have submitted to a new up and coming exchange: to list Safe Exchange Coin under the new ticker: SAFEX.

Progress on our informational video is coming along excellently, and it will be ready for viewing in the start of next week (Monday/Tuesday). This along with an improved website layout and refined text will help us best understand Safe Exchange Coin, our mission clearly written, and what we are developing to accomplish that mission.

Before the month is over we will be able to manage Safex Coins on the website, make proposals, vote on proposals, as well as purchase Safex Coins, and earn affiliate rewards for promoting Safe Exchange to new interested parties through a link which means you can forward information over the internet about Safe Exchange and be rewarded for any purchases made on the website through your affiliate link.

Furthermore, starting next week we will move into the second step of the Chille Blockchain and the github repository will be published. This will officially mark Code Production of Alpha One.

Thanks for reading, see you throughout the week as usual.

Safe Exchange Developers


woah i like it! havnt checked back in a while impressed how things changed! keep. it. up Dallyshalla!

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