Safe Exchange Developer Update March 22, 2017

Hello to Everyone!

I am proud to present the Safe Exchange Coin Video:

Status of the "website update"
At this time Pavle and I are still sorting through deploying the update website with new content and layout. This is taking some more time due to revisions and coordinating the sizes of graphics with Marija.

Please note that next Monday it will be published and a press release will be issued regarding the website update. It will also feature this video on the main page.

Chille Github repository
Due to more significant involvement required in the website update, as well as facing meetings surrounding recent hiring activity, there will be some delay pushing the peer to peer networking base layer. However its destination will be here:

If you’re interested you can “watch” that repository and you will see the updates in real time. It is empty at this time; however, it will become active following the first push that will take place over the weekend as we come to a conclusion on hiring and critical communication updates.

Times are very exciting, because our team is continuing to expand and the message about Safe Exchange’s decentralized anonymous marketplace is being heard and supported. Like this when we launch there will be people who can test and be early adopters of the software: offering their goods and/or purchasing for each other what they need, in a secure and private environment. exchange listing SAFEX
Also, this week we have been accepted to a new crypto currency exchange:

Liberland Invitiation
In addition to an invitation by the Liberland President Jedlicka to speak at the 2nd anniversary of Liberland’s existence. I am glad to support their cause with technology and presence, as well as earn the support of Liberland’s forward thinking and privacy and freedom root. I am glad that our communities are able to grow together. If anyone is interested in what Liberland is about please visit their website.

Appreciate everyone, and thank you for reading.

Safe Exchange Developers


This video is great! Well done Safex team :crown:


What a TERRIFIC video. Short, concise, fast paced information rich. A homerun!


I’m really happy we are getting 2 currencies.

SAFEX = Rabbit
CHILLE = Turtle

Investors want SAFEX, a rising value with voting influence.
Consumers want CHILLE, a stable value for purchasing coffee.

The video doesn’t directly show this dynamic but I’m sure others will realize it soon.

Good luck to everyone!


You got it!! @dyamanaka 100%

Linear rise, something not volatile and just keeps changing hands. The other token rests in investors hands and operations.

The animator and I have a good relationship so when he finished with some projects over the next 6 weeks we will start a full series related to all aspects that we can afford, and have time to present.


Once, i imagined a future where financial/service companies needed to have bitcoin mining operations in order to quick handdle their services, using it as guarantees (i still believe that a bitcoin bank could work like that, but nobody cares).

I can see the same here. SAFEX not only gives you voting power… SAFEX also gives you Chilles and they are important to run operations in the blockchain. Maybe vendors prefer a constant flow of Chilles, instead of frequently buying Chille now and then.

Another force that could propel SAFEX in price matters.