Safe Exchange Development Update July 16, 2017

Greetings !!

During the past two weeks we have made progress and acheivement on several fronts.

In the first place, the website has been taking on its expert facelift by Nikola, our award winning in house designer. Along with the website refactor, comes a new proposal for the SAFEX logo.

Here is one candidate:

We have been sorting through designs and towards the end of the last week we’ve begun to implement those designs. Along with that we have begun to apply design to the upcoming safex wallet.

In order to prevent any further delays with the wallet Daniel has taken over to code and complete the wallet application for desktops. Monday will be a team meeting to agree on designs which will be pleasing to users in form and function.

Additonally, Daniel has travelled to NYC sorting out relationships with potential partners which have been positive. And we have been engaging marketing specialists to develop a roadmap and strategy for communicating the SAFEX project with the world in a responsible manner.

Finally, we have initiated the rename with to avoid any further confusions with the SEC vs SAFEX ticker symbol which should make it easier for people to find our coin on that exchange once the change has been finalized on side.

We will be in touch about:

  1. SAFEX logo feedback on this forum
  2. status on the safex wallet
  3. feedback on the website redesign
  4. news about the SAFEX ticker adjustment

as soon as possible

Safe Exchange Developers


Great news! Keep up the good work :wink:


Nice Vist to SF Let me Know NYC cool Cant wait for the wallet.

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nice one good job boy’s

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good coin invest !!

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good coin !!!

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This is more than a great coin,
Daniel seems to be on the right path to changing the world for the better, the connection with Liberland is fantastic (this is how all countries will follow once people wake up to their criminal governments).
Best long term investment coin yet! It’s going to boom soon and all the short term greedy traders will dump, but I’m predicting this coin (and Daniel’s mission) will have a huge impact for many years to come!!!


Hello, how is Chille blockchain doing?

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@uqaz, I am addressing the wallet at the moment, so I will resume with Chille Blockchain once that is complete. We have a hard deadline on wallet, and website update by August 5th.


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Is there any whitepaper we can get a hold of?
As a investor i like to know what is special about this blockchain. What are the goals, roadmap, partnership etc…
There is nothing on the web i can find. The Wiki link is also missing. I have already bought some but for more investment i need more information. I dont get confident just by looking at the page to be honest.

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They have one. Ill link you to it. Just have to find it.

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Cheers, please link it when you find it. Very interested in this blockchain.
Also like to know how they plan to create a market and do partnership with companies! That is key for success and growth.

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Thanks @vampyren, the whitepaper we published year and a half ago is quite out of date. Before we relied on a 3rd party to deliver. Since that time we have changed up therefore one of the upcoming releases is a white paper some time in advance of the alpha release of Chille.

Thanks for the info. I would have liked to see the whitepaper before investing but i do like the concept so i will keep a small investment here until i see more about whats to come. Also as mentioned it is very important to understand how you will conduct business with other companies and make the market grow.
Looking forward to more info soon.