Safe Exchange Proposal for New Network Official Publication


Following additional preparations for usability of the Safex Voting application we will be relaunching the proposal that demands that Safe Exchange be built on a network developed by ourselves.

Already one or more users other than myself have been able to put the application to use which is a sign that it will work. I have posted a video on how to use the application, and regardless of Windows or Linux the process is identical.

The proposal will be published tomorrow, Saturday October 22, 2016 and it will go for two weeks until November 5, 2016. You will find it on

I look forward to receiving the opinions of the Safe Exchange Community on the matter.



Here is the official launch of the Proposal:

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I don’t understand how can I get a wif key.
I can run Safe Launcher (0.8.0), but I can’t run safe_vault (0.9.0), it won’t ask for permission to Safe Launcher and just quits.

Is safe_vault necessary for this key or how should I get it?

Heya @niex, this voting application has nothing to do with Safe Launcher or Vault etc…

If you have Safe Exchange Coins not on an exchange, then you have a private key for them. We are using the SafexVote application to cast votes for the purpose of having the Safe Exchange project migrate to an Anonymous Contract Market that we will build ourselves. This is due to my evaluation that maidsafe may actually not be feasible and after tremendous delays it interferes with our objectives of a Secure and Safe place for people to conduct trade.

Approximately 131 blocks remaining in the New Network Proposal. That’s less about 21 hours remaining.

Considering that 25% of the SEC are on bittrex there is a big turn out of voting in support of building out our own network. 33% or nearly half of coins out of the exchange are saying Yes to the new platform development! That’s awesome, and I appreciate the support in the decision.

Indeed another 42% of coins can vote No, so we shall see how it turns out by tomorrow.