Safe Exchange proposal for new network

Is it on?

Do you have a video or file with instructions?

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waiting on ur instructions dally shalla , im not so good in those things in ur video
making keys nd moving money sure np but u got to help us out :wink:

yes, instructions please.

i take it the 2nd option would be to build our own network now but move to safe also when its proven ?

surprised anyone would vote otherwise to be honest

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Are there any news?

We will probably need to relaunch the proposal with a fresh time frame, and I need to push the binaries. I am trying to find the time to do that.


So the voting hasn’t started yet?

I didn’t get around to making the video yet
But here is the binary for Linux

unzip double click SafexVote will spawn the application and you can put the proposal file which is downloadable from the website

And import your private key with SEC on it choose, click Generate Vote, Save to Desktop,. then hit the link to choose where to save the vote to… Return to the Website and upload your vote.

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i take it there will be a binary for windows at some point also?

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The application has no scrollbars which makes in unusable on monitors with low vertical resolution.
tried the import my omniwallet private key (the content in the private key field in the exported json file) but it was not accepted.
And when i press the x in the window corner the windows closes but the safexvote process keep running in the background.

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I see the issue with the SafexVote process keeps running. If you failed to upload the key the first time or you fail to upload it appears to crash to applet that does the crypto and voting. I am looking into it.

Keys from backup should be working perfectly fine… I just tested 10 of them

The one thing however is that I have not yet added support for “Compressed” private keys: starting with K or L… only those starting with 5 are supported currently. is making Compressed private keys by defailt.

Ran safevote on my server (x forwarding) and the private key got accepted.
Likely a cpu bug or an instruction not supported on my old c2d laptop.

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what about windows users?


Definitely need to address windows. … I built for windows but the test failed… I dont have a windows machine nearby I will check into it this evening.

Heads up: once all the info on voting is out there, I’ll repost the proposal with a fresh 2016 blocks which is 14 days until it is “ended”


Cool glad someone more figured out how to use the voting:

Further heads up… Since the vote would be over in 3 days… and I didn’t get the usability together until this week… it will restart in 3 days. By that time the windows binary will be published as well as the video how to use the windows version as well.

Thank you all for your patience, I’m very excited to see the results.


glad the way the voting went, even though its not final, looking forward to participating.
we started this to use maidsafe, id hate to abandon such a large revenue stream, even if theyre not ready yet.

I understand the logic; however, I must mention: what we have for ourselves is to be great. So much so we don’t need another platform. If there is another when we’re done that we can tap into for further revenue then we could propose to tap into it with an additional proposal.

I mention this in the light of focus. I’m not planning to make any mediocre blockchain network, but one that fulfills our requirements and innovates beyond the existing products, and to do marketing on a profound scale as I shouldn’t have done for maidsafe.


my logic is simply that.

  1. i got into this along with everyone else ( i believe ) to provide an exchange for maidsade and earn safecoins.

  2. that could be a huge market waiting to be tapped with no advertising needed if we were the first exchange there and you completed the project as initially described.

  3. creating another market and getting equivalent returns would no doubt need a lot of advertising which costs money and time, afaik theyre are allready wallets offering exchange between coins so you cant lose out to exchange hacks and theyre not very well used.

i wish you every success in building us all a great platform, but i very much want a slice of those safecoins waiting to be had.


Good news just built the proposalservice.exe

Should be not long from now to produce the build for windows. :sunrise: