SAFE Exchange should solve "liquidity" before everything else

I talked about this here, but maybe it needs it own OP, because it might become the most important reason to use SAFE Exchange.

My latest problem was trying to exchange Ether for SAFE Exchange Coins, it was just not possible. I needed to exchange Ether to bitcoin and then bitcoin to SAFE Exchange Coins. This just seems sucha backward process. Usually I use to easily exchange coins, but if SAFE Exchange can do this for more coins and faster, it will give people more reason to use it.

With 600+ altcoins out there, if SAFE Exchange enables coin dev to add their coins with just a pull request and a small payment of 100 euro’s. SAFE Exchange would create true liquidity for all cryptocurrencies. What most exchange fail to realize is that bitcoin shouldn’t be the reserve currency to exchange altcoins. If you have a reserve currency, you limit liquidity in general, Shapeshift solves this problem, by allowing alt to alt exchange, but the true potential is still limited, because there are limited coins available. Now image if SAFE Exchange enables over 100 altcoins, it’s just pretty simple, it would be the most used exchange in the crypto-sphere period.

Just decentralizing things means nothing, because if decentralization becomes the norm, your no different from another decentralized exchange. If SAFE Exchange solves the “liquidity problem” in the crypto-sphere, SEC’s will skyrocket. Time = money, so all the exchanges out there who think they can take the time of 7 days & payment before they introduce another coin on there exchange or even worse in Shapeshift’s case they don’t even give you time. People get pissed because the banks take time + a fee to transfer money, well crypto currencies are putting an end to this. In the same way I hope SAFE Exchange will put an end to the luxury of time that these crypto exchange think they got. IMHO nobody got time and these are the real serious problems that we should solve.

I don’t want crypto currencies to become the new banks and at the moment they are, because you can’t exchange all crypto’s for another.

I’m just saying this as a rough estimation, but if all the crypto currencies out there have a marketcap of $9 billion then we already got a good start. The more we realize that every crypto community out there is one family, the stronger we’ll be and easier it will be to reach 1 billion users.


Man, that would be great. Imagine, changing all your coins in a snap.

poloniex and bittrex would be dead. Strangely, Fiat-to-aktcoin exchanges would be more than alive.


The great thing is that trading safex altcoins will be exactly this way. Instant and if you want to go from one cryptocoin to another and it’s possible with a trade it will happen.

The ‘reserve’ currency can be considered safecoin yet it is simple. because safecoin is instant just as any cryptocoin is as well.

Auto integrating ether to safe exchange would take some detailing; so a pull request sure, except with plenty of unique code will have to go along with it.

Regards to fiat exchange, we just need a reputable intermediaries who will represent the fiat side of things. There is always going to need to be some version of an intermediary to represent the cash in the paper fiat realm. So far, also even an ATM someone has to fill it with cash, you see? so needs an ebb and flow; maybe people can put cash in the atm and buy cryptos; and then if someone needs fiat they can cahs in their cryptos to that machine and get fiat; but then there could be a fiat shortage if not enough people cash out their crypto


Physical ATM are a problem, especially in the Netherlands some have been stolen, so the store owner doesn’t bother to buy a new ones. What I think is a solution is a virtual ATM like so:

Although doesn’t exist anymore, the idea is great. What we could add in this scenario is that the store owner could also receive “coins” from people who live in the neighborhood. So if the store owner ran out of coins, they could sell other people’s coins and split the profit. Because the store is in the neighborhood users will trust it and everything will the settled contractually, which serves as a receipt.

The current crypto exchanges are just begging to get disrupted, because they feel comfortable that they can’t translate every crypto currency out there. Honestly that’s not the way to go and the more coins SAFE Exchange can translate, the more it will be used. I don’t even bother to use other exchanges, because works so super simple, but if SAFEX can take it to the other level I’ll be happy.

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That’s a logical solution, yet still have intermediary for the cash. I’m okay with a solution like that, of course always want to think autonomous when possible.