Safe Exchange vs eBay


I have been reading up on SEC and the Safe Exchange created by @dallyshalla and from what I see it will be very similar to what the OpenBazaar project is doing, but with more anonymity built in due to it being part of the Safe Network.

So far I have read this interview with @dallyshalla on CryptoWorld and the introduction video for The Safe Exchange.

The reason that I am asking this, is that I have a friend that does quite a bit of business on the clearnet via eBay, and over the years I have been trying to get her and her husband interested in BTC. However, with eBay, buying and selling with bitcoin isn’t supported, so they mainly do most of their sales via PayPal (some on cards) which leaves them at PayPals mercy (PP can freeze accounts with ease and not give any reason) when it comes to who is in control of their finance. I have discussed OB with her in the past, but whilst eBay doesn’t support allowing their sellers to accept BTC, it really hasn’t appealed to her, and with OB still not average user friendly, that too is a no-go.

So my main question is, will she find it fairly simple to set up a store on the Safe Network, and then use the templates (mentioned in the interview linked above) to be able to sell some of her goods for SEC/SAFE if she wishes? This would also allow her to be in complete control of any monies that she makes and well as knocking out the middle-man (PayPal) in regards to fees.

If I have got this completely wrong, or worded this badly I apologize.

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Yes we will provide a intuitive user experience for folks to sell things in the style of ebay.

The strength here is the marketplace of Safecoin owners, and also the added privacy.

For the marketplace to flourish it will mean Safecoin is found to be valuable, much like how you can spend bitcoin with amazon.

The same effect I perceive is in SAFE Network and therefore a usecase for a marketplace. The inherent value of Safecoin to buy storage space for someone will be valuable so to get them from you, people can sell things others need.

And someone eventually consumes those Safecoin for data needs.

The earnings are in the form of secure Safecoins or other secure coins, if decided by merchants, and the network.

Those themselves are secure, and hackerproof in the sense that only can they be stole if your credentials are stolen. If someone stole paypal credentials, you’re in hell I’m sure. And then charge backs etc… so things should be easier for people to do commerce here, than elsewhere.


Thank you for the excellent reply. I have purchased quite a few MAID/Safe as well as SEC recently, so hopefully I will be able to help them, as well as some of my other friends get involved in the Safe Exchange and the Safe network itself.

Again, thank you for the reply.