Safex Buy-Back Program

Hey Guys,

I’ve been getting some requests from people because they are having difficulty to sell their Safex. Until the exchanges situation is sorted out I am offering to purchase the Safex from you at the market price of 180 satoshi (btc). For those who were interested please fill in this form; I hope that this helps. If any of your friends are stuck please let them know about this.

You can fill out this form, offer 180 satoshi.

Minimum order size is 100,000 safex


Don’t know many other that would do this, fair play. Although I have no interest in selling myself.

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No interest in selling but a kind offer. Also shows the continued confidence in the project!


So you’ll buy back at market price but sell at 20c and ignore support tickets for 3 weeks. Great business model.

  1. The price is clearly shown prior to buying. 2. No one is forcing anyone to buy from the official site. 3. If you do not know enough, in order to tell that you can get the coin cheaper elsewhere, you should not be investing in the first place.
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Looking for a response from someone at safex.

@jaykay, if have an issue please PM me its the most effective way, sometimes a support email can get missed

I’ve tried that also, please check your messages.

Please let me know in PM what is issue once again, I was not able to find your message

I am not selling, but would be nice to see them in my Safex wallet. Still in omni world somewhere.

Have sent another message.

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Have you tried archiving and restoring the wallet? Seems to work for most people. Unless you are certain the transaction is still unconfirmed.

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Thanks for the help but nought, I can see the coins on but they have not hit my wallet, 4 days now.
I have to wait to send rest of my coins until they confirm.

Have you any idea how many support tickets people nowadays send?

Transaction is confirmed on omniexplorer?

Yes confirmed 2 Jan

Do u have to update to new wallet as I’m scared I’ll lose my coins. I’m not the best on computers.

I want to buy your SAFEX, please hit me up for above market rates today.

Why is the purchase on your website so much above the market rate? I would like to buy at the market rate

Use the exchange that has been mentioned