Safex Buy-Back Program

As long as you keep your private key (txt file) and you dat file in a location known to you, you can simply import the dat file into the new wallet version. If you don’t feel confident in doing this:

Make sure you get your private key. You can generate this when inside the wallet. The private key will be generated and stored in a UNSECURED txt file with the name UNSAFEX[number]. Make sure you keep this very secure as this is the funds in your wallet sent to the public address you used (If you have used more than one public address, the file will generate also more than 1 private key). To be super secure, break the initernet connection before you generate the private key. Print it, delete it from your system and KEEP the private key secure.

See below how to do this:

“Export encrypted…” generates the dat file (make sure you remember your password)
“export unencrypted keys” generates the txt file.

Here’s some additional help:

Good luck!

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This means I can cancel the additional space suits?

Thanks so much for your help _redstone.

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You Rock!!!

I think the offer is generous considering the risk that goes into buying any crypto. Your offer helps secure my faith in safex. HLODING HLODING HLODING!!!

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I have reserved a space suit for you @S3cGuy327

I invested in SafeX for my kids. Hopefully in 10 years from now it will be a deposit for a house for them both. So I’ll be a long term holder and I’m a believer n SafeX .

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I’ll order two space suits in the sizes XS. @tylvec - Good you stay behind, because somebody needs to push the launch button. :wink: :rocket:


After that, try archive and un-archive your wallet (if you are using wallet 0.0.5).

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Won’t we be all on the Millenium Falcon pushing the button to hyper drive to the outer rim.

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Hi Safex community.
Now that i have a big healthy sack of safex I’m wondering what the most secure way of holding them is?
Im thinking of having a seperate laptop with the safex wallet and then only connection the laptop to the internet when i want to use the wallet?

Im wondering if this is the best option? and also how / if it will effect the airdrop of safex cash when the time comes?

How are other people holding securely?

How did you purchase them?

bittrex, the before the delisting for 80 sats… bargain

Hey i want a program to buy everyone’s coins at 200 sat! Ok. No everyones but at least some and preferably not from sketchy tradesatoshi… Any sellers?

I was trying to PM you but I am getting the message that I cannot PM you???

I just purchased 10,000 coins and need help ASAP please.


Nice move. That’s a great buy.

Thanks…I think so too!

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Do we know who the other moderators or support team are?? I cannot send a PM to Dan for some reason.

if your looking to sell do it here because trade satoshi is a joke of an exchange

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Agreed! I am looking to buy more safex and 200 sat market price sounds fair but not from tradesatoshi… Anyone trying to off load at all?