SAFEX buying issue

Dear Support,

Just send some bitcoins and bought 25k safex but no success message on the page. The refresh button appeared but it ask to make the payment and wait for success feedback. Anything wrong or my mistake? Bitcoins are gone from my account …


still having a problem?

well, the transaction was still pending on the blockchain but now it’s gone and should be on safex. How to verfiy this or do I have to wait until wallet is released?

you could check with your public key to see your safex balance

that’s it… thank you very much!

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I have the same problem, but if i look on Omnichest i get the same page as on your video tutorial but there i also not see the Safex Balance…please help

I have the same problem as Thaicoen has. Yesterday I bought 10.000 SEC with Bitcoin, it has been deducted from my account and received and confirmed by Safex. But when I check Omnichest, I don’t see my balance.

Looking forward to your reply! Thanks!

I have the same problem as onno2525. Please help

They told me this:

If you need access to your coins immediate, use www.omniwallet.org8 and import your private key there… otherwise please anticipate the safex wallet and instruction video to that.

But i try in Omniwallet but they ask me to put a bitcoin key???
The Safex wallet still not work so it feel not nice that you can’t see your coins

Thanks THaicoen, I followed your advice and set up a wallet at

At My Wallet you can import your private key and the amount I bought SEC showed up here. Thanks!

Here is a Youtube video were you can learn more:

Sjain, The problem is resolved. Underneath I posted what I did to see my amount in SEC in the

Can we add a exchange rate to the SAFEX website. I purchased 160000 and the rated worked out to be .0000029626 while the BITTREX rate was at .00000220. By purchasing through SAFEX I shorted myself around 40000 coins. Just warning everyone to double check. I know i should have done the math first my mistake. I wanted to try the website and the message indicated the coin amount would vary depending on the exchange rate.

Thanks SAFEX for all the work. I do love the platform and will keep investing using an exchange with the best rate.