Safex Cash 1 Click CPU Miner Released

The eagerly awaited Safex Cash 1 Click CPU Miner has been released. You can download a copy from the official Safex Github repository:

Within the 1 Click CPU Miner, you can mine with your CPU (obviously) and generate a Safex Cash address.

There are several pre-selected mining pools included in the software to choose from.

Note: As this is brand new software, it might trigger an alert with your Windows Defender. Please be assured that the software is fine, and this is a typical reaction for brand new software. Simply accept the warnings and install as usual.


I love this. :+1: I was planning to start CPU mining for quite some time, I have to give it a try


Now everybody can earn money :slight_smile:
Thank you!


yeees! One click and start to earn money :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:


Simply 1-Click Incredible! :raised_hands:


This is a true game-changer in the crypto industry. Now everybody can mine, just a click away. Great stuff @dandabek, you have done it again! Safex is bringing mass adoption, one step at a time. :muscle:


Anybody know which mining pool of the three listed will give the best rewards? I’ve been mining about 24 hours on safexnews pool, and I’ve only gotten about .39 safex. I’m on an i7 quad with hyper threading. Is that about all I can expect or am I doing something wrong in the pool settings?


you should report back your hash per second;

in 24 hours to get out 0.39 safex off of your cpu is actually an excellent result btw


Thought I forgot something. My 24 hour avg was about 182 h/s.


Works great, It’s the easiest setup I’ve seen yet :clap:


Hope your not serious? i mean the cost of SAFEX is $ 0.0109 so mining with a quadcore burning electricity and tearing down hardware dont seem to be worth it at all.

By the way this seems to be a great project and i know you are very hard working and passionate about the project but mining reward need to be worth the trouble, atleast at the start when you need adoption i think.

If you dug a little deeper, you’d have noticed that the mining isn’t actually geared towards to Safex token which you quoted the value for.

The blockchain is currently being migrated to its own Cryptonite chain, and there is a utility token called Safex Cash, which will be used as currency in the upcoming marketplace.

Currently Safex Cash doesn’t have a concrete value, as the first listing will be with Coindeal in the upcoming weeks. The supply of Safex Cash is quite low compared to the premined blockchain token (at the time of reply, only around 8.1 mil Safex Cash is in circulation), so depending on ongoing support, and reception of the project, the value could very likely be reasonable considering energy spent.

Also consider that people on this forum may also be motivated by the project’s success, rather than having a primary profit motive for mining. Especially people who hold sufficiently large quantities of Safex to anticipate good returns from market fees when the project is in full swing.


@vampyren remind me again why did I mine bitcoin in 2009 with no price at all for two years yet im a mega rich guy now and for the past 5 years??? your comment is what made me turn it off and cost me a fortune.

@ZenViolence eloquently expressed :pray:


@ZenViolence yes you are right, sorry missed the fact that it was the cash and not the coin. Then yes its quite good actually.

@dandabek sorry I did the mistake mixing the coin (its a jungle out there with many many projects in my head and safex changing name of the coins so sorry for mixing it up). I actually just swaped my old ones agains the new chain. And i did not mean to say we should not invest in the project. All i meant to say is that its “better” to buy rather then mine. But if i understand the cash you need to mine at this point so its all good.
I hope to see adoption in the future. Your project is one of the ones i think is among the few projects i believe in. Keep up the great work.


@dandabek Is it possible to specify a “worker” for those who might have 2 or more machines

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Ok, a bit of help here, again, I’m new at this, what would be appropriate config for mining, just a short info.

This is necro posting dude, if you need help please describe your problem in a new thread in thanks.


I can see :slight_smile: , thanx.