Safex Cash Exchange

i want to know whats the exchange website for safex cash
i have coins in my offline safex wallet i want to exchange it to btc. is there any good website where i can easily trade except CoinDeal cause of lots of verification steps thats weird and such delayed

at the moment coindeal is the best, but you would have to go through KYC…
It dosn’t take a lot of time…

If that’s to much time I fear their is not a really good alternative yet, but we are in the progress of getting listed on, might take a couple of days or even a few weeks till listing is complete,

but I registerd on CoinDeal and it’s really not that much time or efford it needs, if you go trough it today you’ll probably be able to sell your coins tomorrow…

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yeah but the problem is … they are asking for such validation which i can’t provide if you wanna trade with me lemme know i have coindeal account when i try to withdrawl they alert msgs show Amount is low which is weird i don’t know whats the minimun amount i can withdrawl without giving them verifaction

What Mex said.

CoinDeal is worth the effort - they’re a good exchange and in a good position to be one of the top exchanges in the next bull run.

Outside of that we’ve got Safex Cash trading on Xcalibra.

And then we have LiveCoin listing due in the next few weeks - we’ve got no ETA but they’ll be listing asap.

Rich.bate Thanks for the info.
i have no choice except waiting for LiveCoin listing.
because CoinDeal already have my 250 Safex Cash <> BTC which i can’t withdraw because of verification issue. same alert msg whenever i tried to withdrawl “Amount is low” i don’t think they are providing withdrawling without verification.