Safex coin does not show up in wallet send from Bittrex. PLEASE HELP

Transaction showed completed in Bittrex but could not find any trace in the Omni Blockchain Explorer, and nothing was shown in Safex Wallet. Below is the Tid#


Total coin 64238.68…

Please Help

you need to contact bittrex about that

Thanks Dan! I already created a ticket with Bittrex. Hopefully will get response soon.

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Have you received a response from Bittrex about your coins yet? I have the same thing going on with me right now. My transaction id isn’t even showing up on the OmniBlockchain explorer, but on Bittrex the withdraw is listed as complete. I have a lot of coins that are lost in translation right now because of Bittrex.

Anything happen with your coins ?

Bittrex Support finally got back to me. Coins are safe and on the wallet.

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good to know I’m waiting to here back from them with the same problem

how did the process happen exactly? I’m still waiting on bittrex to respond to my ticket.

They just responded and said they would have to credit my account the missing coins.

I have the same problem. I transferred my coins from Bittrex 2 days ago. According to the explorer, everything seems fine … tx went through, but no coins in my Safex wallet.

Hey Dan, just updated from the 0.0.3 wallet and my coin balance in the new SAFEX 0.0.5 wallet says “0” but shows in full on Is this normal?

I also have a second account with in the same wallet that showed in full after the update so I’m confused on why one shows my safex coins and one doesnt but both appear on Omniwallet.

Please advise. Also is there a more organized support section for SAFEX?

Follow the instructions in this post

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It WORKED! You are a saint. thank you for the quick help!


Moving the wallet between home and archive did the trick for me! Thanks for the help!