Safex Dev Update: April 13, 2020

TWM Wallet
Sunday night, Daniel published the 3rd iteration of the twmwallet for testing purposes. In this release you can register accounts by filling out the form and if you have the adequate amount of tokens on your balance it will be posted to the blockchain and can later be used for listing offers, and setting price pegs.

You can find the information about this release including download links here:

you can test:
restoring your wallet from seed words
sending tokens
registering accounts to the blockchain

If you need testnet tokens you can reply with your testnet address.

This wallet is only for testing purposes at this moment do not try using with live funds.

There was an error opening a .keys file when the accompanying data file was not present. This was due to an unhandled exception that Igor had addressed on Thursday. If you are opening a .keys file and testing the twmwallet you would hit hard rescan to get a new scan of the blockchain.

Safexcore: Marketplace Protocol
During our release on Thursday of the 6.2 testnet version as usual there were inconsistencies between different nodes about the state of the blockchain. This is because some nodes did not update soon enough to be on the same fully compatible version of the software. In response to that Igor identified some optimizations that would deal with this scenario more gracefully.

Igor is currently in the middle of implementing this added flow to ensure a stable network during version updates.

The token locking system for account registration has been refactored to the specification. During the initial development phase of the account registration the system let you register accounts with tokens right away and they would not be locked-in, you only needed to wait for the account to be registered for the token lock-up interval. Now, the tokens lock and you can use your account immediately. Once the lock-up period expires your tokens can be then used in a new account, transferred, or used in the revenue staking system.

The specification for the mainnet is suggested to be 1000 Safex Tokens for 7 days to register an account.

This mechanism is essential to prevent spam entering the blockchain. Since it is a public good, this is the way to accomplish this threat mitigation.

Igor is now also organizing documentation fully detailing the way the entire marketplace system is operating.

Testing Network Full Node Tutorial
A couple of weeks ago a member of our community, @cryptooli published a tutorial on how to set up a full node mainly for the purpose of increasing our testing network size. Since the publication of this tutorial our testing network has increased by dozens of nodes and allowed us to get a more realistic scope of what the mainnet will look like.

In case you are interested in a quick explainer how to get a full node up and running or interested in tinkering these days we welcome you to explore the tutorial can be found here:

Safex Cash and Safex Token now tracked on
Friday night added and is now tracking the price of Safex Cash and Safex Token in exchange for Bitcoin or the Serbian Dinar

With the listing of the exchange, now our growth is being recorded into history. Step by step, we are securing pillars, and paving a road into a new era of commerce. This development now enables safex to be tracked by many more service providers and be able to spread the word of safex throughout the globe.

Thank you for tuning in to this week’s update, the marketplace application is reaching solid ground and we’ll be discussing a release date soon enough :sunrise:

The Safex Development Community


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