Safex Dev Update: August 10, 2020

TWM Wallet | Progress
During the last week Daniel started work on integrating the updated adapter to the TWM Wallet. In the process he ran into a few bugs that need to be resolved which is on deck for this week. Once this module gets integrated we will then be able to release the windows version and finish off the TWM Wallet.

We’ll report the progress/success during the week if possible to release the wallet as soon as we can to get OSX fixed and Windows operational.

During the last week Daniel also continued work on the API layer that is a 2nd layer to the blockchain so that we can easily host curated websites of products. This now features the full offer parsing of version 1 TWM Version descriptions.

When the wallet saves the contents from the wallet new offer form, that data takes on a structure that is considered to be version 1 at this stage. Then the API is able to interpret and manage with that description data. This is now integrated into the API.

Now the merge of the messaging to link to offers from the wallet will complete this phase of development. This is next on deck.

Exchange Listings
During the past few weeks our community has been preparing the necessary materials to present to exchange listings. We have completed the 30 page application form for , and in the process we have now content that can be used for most exchange application forms.

In the coming weeks we will be submitting our application to list Safex Cash and Token to various exchanges. We will also publish the content as it serves as a wholesome description of the Safex project.

Thank you for reading, and we look forward to a productive week aiming to get our Windows users online to the stagenet and accelerate our entry to mainnet. :sunrise_over_mountains:

The Safex Development Community


Can still access the OSX and Ubuntu version of the TWM Wallet here:

You can post your address from there to get some testing tokens and sfx.



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What fun, good job


I see postings here and there say we need to mine this coin, I’m ready to do it. Waiting for months on how to do it, and I don’t get the support.
Please explain it or fix ? How do you mine SOLO? the video only shows mining on the same node. I want to mine using XMRIG, I have multiple RIGS, and I want to connect them to a single node and so far ZERO responses when I was so CLOSE!

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have you checked out

clearly explained CLI instructions for ubuntu

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I am not a mining pro but what you are aiming to do (connect multiple rigs/workers to a single node) is not possible IMO. You can either mine with a node itself (then the node is also your worker and every worker would need to run as an independent node), or you connect your different rigs to a pool (which is the better option in this case). So the best option IMO is, you should run xmrig/sfxrig with your different rigs and join this pool:

setup here:


there is also the sfxos tutorial special configured operating system for mining sfx


perhaps for Ubuntu, but not Windows, as I was referring to window 10, in the forums.

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let’s see if we can put together a tutorial for deploying the same via CLI on Windows

Thank you.

If what I ask is not possible, a straight answer from the developers would of suffice. It is very poorly executed that I have to install 12 -24 nodes to mine solo on each, in doing so then the fact is my rigs compete against each other, cause I could not ever execute a proxy. I guess I need to mine pool. I’ll calculate the earning vs mining another coin , XMR or Epic Cash, or any RX coins out there. PS : I really liked the GUI wallet. And I hope they can make it easier and have this int he near future, but I guess it will need a miner for it… unless it can be done with XMRIG.

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if you are able to run the sfxos you can boot from that USB drive and manage all of the rigs through the GUI,

I linked to the SFXOS tutorial above.

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ok, I can look at it. I’m using Windows 10 LTSC 64bit. with 3900x 16gb CL14. I render about 15.8kh/s. It is very efficient. hope its optimized for 3900x AMD, then surely I can do it.

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Now this is business. Excellent Motherboard, I would go with 16GB CL14 3200. 3900X OC 4.1ghz, and you have a monster hasher. for 700 bucks. Can It be booted from an m.2 SSD?

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yes it can boot from m2, the usb is the cheapest option though I believe…

ok, looked at it seems really cool, but I already can mine pool. I use SRB or XMRIG miner on a pool, and I use windows native remote tools to push configs and start the miners as a service with auto reboot. Thanks. But I need to mine on my OWN node. I have 1GB fiber and 6 more rigs to build, 12 for me and 12 for my partner. And are looking for a RX coin to mine besides Monero , and SAFEX is there along with EPIC Cash, in which renders the yield we are looking for.

I’ll put my hand up and say I know next to nothing about mining, and all that technical stuff… just enough to get xmrig working, but certainly not enough knowledge to go further than that.

But… if I did have the knowledge, and was in your position with 24 rigs, I’d maybe look to set it up as a private pool, as that seems to give you the result you’re looking for, where all your rigs mine to a single local node.

So maybe this is something you could look into to resolve how you want to mine?

Like I said, beyond the scope of my understanding, but maybe it’s an option for you to consider :man_shrugging:


I am just curious here, why is this so important? The easiest option will be to run the SFXOS from USB or the XMRIG on all rigs and mine in the pool.

I guess this will be the way to do it. Create your own private SFX mining pool and then link your mining rigs to it. I have no experience in this but I could also ask in the Discord whether someone could help you with it. Nice to have you on board of SFX mining!


Yes, I was afraid it will come to that. Private mining pool.
Is there an image I can download?