Safex Dev Update: December 21, 2020

Mainnet Marketplace Release
By now all relevant participants have been notified about the upcoming Hardfork 7 which activates the advanced transactions system that incorporates the Marketplace logic on the Safex Blockchain. This includes exchanges, mining pools, services providers, and the media.

Can expect exchanges to extend deposit/withdrawal duration while the hardfork takes its effect. In some cases deposits/withdrawals will remain closed entirely during this period.

This hardfork takes hold on Block number 605,700 and the blockchain is currently at block 604,387 at the time of the release of this update.

The mainnet binaries for Hardfork 7 are found here and since last week we have added to the available operating systems for running the marketplace mainnet binaries.

Release Safexcore Hardfork 7 · safex/safexcore · GitHub

If you are running a full node or service with the safexd or safex-wallet-rpc or safex-wallet-cli please ensure you update immediately.

Please note you may need to import keys into a new wallet file to take hold of the new environment.

TWM Wallet | API
The final design implementations are wrapping up to be released in time for the mainnet block crossing. The expected release and activation of the API is Thursday, as it will take some time to verify that all mainnet instances of the API are online and connecting properly. We will use Wednesday to confirm these elements.

Twitter Suspension
Should be good to note that the account has returned and the foundation is mindful of the event. SFT listing and trading
During last week took initiative and listed Safex Token for trading on their exchange.

BW, The world's leading one-stop financial service platform, Bitcoin exchange | BW exchange | BW digital currency trading platform

The Safex Development Community


Great work guys!


Very exciting times indeed, congratulations Safex Team!


Thank you. Good call on BW exchange. It is very much appreciated that they also promote the projects. A USDT pair is definitely helping to create a stable foundation.

Twitter is horrible for many people these days. New solutions will appear in time.

Making plans to open shop. See you at block 605700 and up! Happy holidays everybody :slight_smile:


Wow, good job !


Nice update! Liking the new exchange too! Thanks


How are buyers and sellers going to communicate when marketplace goes live?
Would be good if you can provide an update on the secure messaging functionality in the gui wallet release.



I haven’t checked my wallet for a few months. Just logged in and can see a connection error. Balances are correct. What is the deal with the hardfork and how it affected things overall?



Hey, with the hardfork the orbiter wallet stopped being compatible. Sincerely it was an oversight on my part not to remember that this would happen. Yet it doesn’t matter, we don’t have time to do both the orbiter and twm wallet.

We will need to reissue an orbiter wallet if you want to have a simple send/receive wallet. Or you will import the keys into the new twm wallet.

The bringing in of the hardfork was a bit intensive, as usual that these releases are, so twm wallet is in the dock waiting to be pushed out.

Tune in…


Thanks Dan. This is reassuring.


Way to go Dan and Igor! Looking forward to TWM wallet. The Orbiter wallet is obsolete and not at all a priority.


I have several versions of the Safex wallet on my laptop, the version used to migrate over to the Safex blockchain and then the Safex cash wallet that came after. I also have the original windows Safex 1-click miner app.

My concern is, can I download and install the soon-to-be released TWM wallet and then go ahead and delete the others and the miner without concern?

All the best and merry Christmas to you, the team and great Safex community!


Hi Jo, firstly… so long as you made appropriate (and multiple) backups of any wallet addresses, seeds/keys that you created/used, then it really makes no difference when you delete those old programs.

Once the TWMWALLET is released, you can restore your wallet/s from seed/keys.

And Merry Christmas :beers:


So until the TWM wallet is out is there any other way to access SFT? My orbiter wallet just gives me a connection error and the balances only show “loading”.

Until twmwallet releases, only via cli wallet.

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Fingers crossed for GUI wallet and ability to search TWM in next update. I’m itching to start posting about all the cool stuff people are listing on TWM!

For Twitter users, please follow, like and RT: @safexstats

YouTube channel to follow


Welcome @safexstats

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bravo safeeeex!!!

the good news is that orbiter v2 will still work for sending/receiving however it won’t read the block height correctly, and of course the price feed is not loading.