Pending payout

Same here. My minimum payout if at 60 and it went over a few hours ago and I never got paid.

The pending balance is now at 64.4.

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I’ll guess maybe a sweep needs to be done :man_shrugging:


Thanks for that. Now set at 1,000 :grin: Still pending transaction for 3 days now.


There was some hanging transactions inside the wallet that needed to clear/get dropped;

After resyncing and flushing caches the wallet was back to normal. Should be all good now…


My wallet has not received the payment from the mining pool for a long time, what’s the situation? How to resynchronize the wallet?

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Read the entire thread from last week’s update…

Wamgta, if you don’t mind you can send me a DM with your wallet address, I can check for you.

When did you last mine to the pool?

Also, have you mined the minimum payout: minimum is 15 sfx

we’re standing by

Yes, the minimum payment is over, but he still hasn’t arrived in the wallet. Maybe it’s my wallet synchronization problem. How can I make the wallet synchronization stable and fast?

I’m not receiving mining payments to my wallet either but then I guess this is due to the wallet synchronisation issue pending the new TWM wallet

The safex orbiter wallet does not synchronize the balance after the fork block 605,700. You will have to wait for the TWM wallet or use the v7 CLI wallet.

Same here.

You can still use the orbiter wallet to send SFX and SFT and use the block explorer to confirm if your transactions have been processed.


Can I restore my TWM wallet with my mnemonic phrase? Can the coins mined in the mining pool go to the new TWM wallet?

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How many sfx coins can you mine in a day and what cpu is it?

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Yes, this should be possible via an “restore wallet from keys/seed” function.

The coins always go to the address which you have specified in the mining software, it makes no difference whether that address/key is imported in orbiter or twm wallet.

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@wamgta which mining software are you using?

sfxos? or the xmrig via command line?

I use the command line of xmrig, the effect is not as high as sfxos, please send me the download address of the sfxos mining software!

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This is the link to the tutorial

The direct download link is this

@dandabek I want to send SFT and SFX to my CLI wallet for MP - will it work on Orbiter 2.0 or do I need to wait until new TWM Wallet?

They’re not “in” your Orbiter wallet. They’re on your address, which can be restored into any (and multiple consecutive, if you like) wallet via seed/keys.

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if your balance is showing you can send with orbiter v2 no problems.