Pending payout

Hello all,

My payout is set at the default 15. However my payout has been pending for almost 2 days and just keeps growing.


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While I’ll can’t help you get the payout from the pool, I would seriously suggest you increase your payout figure to the max available, or you’ll end up with a bazillion 15 SFX outputs that will mean much larger tx fees when you eventually go to use them.

Eg… I set my payout figure to 250, which triggers once every 4-6 weeks for my lowly 1kh/s, depending on network hashrate,

Hi Aussie.

That brings me to my next issue. I can’t change my payout number, I’ve tried many times. It always says:

I’ve copied and pasted the IP of both my miners but always the same error. Neither IP is accepted to change payout.

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It’s your external (home) IP address, not the lan addresses.

If you aren’t sure what your home IP address is, just google “What’s my IP address” on the same network as the rigs.

And if you route the entire home thru a VPN, then it’ll be the current VPN ip address

Same here. My minimum payout if at 60 and it went over a few hours ago and I never got paid.

The pending balance is now at 64.4.

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I’ll guess maybe a sweep needs to be done :man_shrugging:

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Thanks for that. Now set at 1,000 :grin: Still pending transaction for 3 days now.


There was some hanging transactions inside the wallet that needed to clear/get dropped;

After resyncing and flushing caches the wallet was back to normal. Should be all good now…