Safex Dev Update: January 27, 2020

Testnet 4: Improved Purchase Flow
Testnet 4 was released last week Thursday night, and the binaries for Linux and Mac last Friday. You can download and get connected using the latest testnet releases:

Safex Testnet 4

When running this testnet be sure to First of All delete the .testnet folder in .safex and restart the synchronization from scratch.

If you did participate in any previous testnets you should note that you must start over. So your old keys will potentially bug out on this testnet. So it is advised to just start fresh and request Test Tokens or Cash here in the forum by posting your Testnet address or in the discord. You can of course mine some testnet cash.

In the previous testnet users had to specify where to send Safex Cash to in order to attempt completing the purchase. Knowing the limitations, we iterated on that process and implemented a seamless flow that automatically takes in the sellers address and processes the payment directly.

So far this is new process is working out. However the testnet is quite buggy. The wallet is still in an early stage so it sometimes will crash especially if you are trying to use previously used keys from testnet 3.

We are already gaining feedback from the direct testing group and one of the community members put together an adhoc transaction detector:


Quite epic if you ask us. Thank you @ulrich95 developer bounty definitely ought to go your way.

Huge thanks to the testing group. We are going to have to sort through all of the bug reports submitted by the group and address them head on.

If you have any bugs to report, then please submit them to this thread:

Testnet 4 feedback reports

Testnet Explorer
If you want to follow along and are not able to set up the nodes or the CLI wallet: then there is the where any transactions will be popping up as they get tested.

Those include sell offers, stakes, rev share, account registrations. Edits.

Coming back to the marketplace development. On Friday Igor set up tests on the Feedback function so the ground is broken on that important feature and more development took place on that today. The goals for this week is to wrap up feedback and prepare this for the next testnet.

We are expecting to iterate and release the next testnet much sooner, and also improve some of the wallet functionality so that testers have a more fluid experience proving the functions.

TWM & Wallet
Since we have not yet identified a replacement golang developer, we are going to resort to using our previous method that we already have proven in the Orbiter wallet. So we can simply code the marketplace functionality directly and extensively into the CLI wallet which can be cross compiled to hook into the NodeJS environment where we produce the GUI.

The only downside we see here is that Igor will have to put more efforts into coding the blockchain and the wallet where we hoped we could offload the duties more horizontally.

This trade off is not totally detrimental but it will result in less nimbleness that we had originally planned for with the Gosafex project: while we still intend to complete the gosafex, we want to get this marketplace up and running and we have what we need to do it.

The main tradeoff is that in the gosafex project: you wouldn’t need to import keys, since gosafex is designed to hold the many keys if you had multiple migration addresses. This is not a huge set back it will only require people who want to use the marketplace and their tokens at the most recent time to have to manually import their keys rather than let the software do everything just by opening it.

Safex Miner GUI
If you’re on Mac OSX 10.15 you can use a tester version of the GUI miner and start earning safex cash from confirming blocks on the blockchain.:

This is a replacement to the previous 1 click miner, after the RandomX hardfork that makes it feasible to actually extract SFX competitively even with a laptop computer. For Linux and Windows will release in the next week or the following.

A key take away: if you are on the testnet. remember to use the --testnet flag when running the software for the wallet and the safexd and also be sure to make new wallets and start over registering your accounts and putting items for sale.

Thank you everyone on this journey with us, your support means everything to us because we are building this for all of you around the world. TWM we are on our way!.

The Safex Development Community


Thanks Dan,
That is a very positive update. We are all very proud of the work you guy’s are doing to get this market up and running. keep up the good work, cos I’m loving it…


You definitely have our support, thanks and good luck!


thanks for the shoutout!


Wow, good job everyone