Testnet 4 feedback reports

Hello everyone, we are in progress testing testnet 4

You can download the binaries and commence testing

be sure to run either the safexd or the safex-wallet-cli with the --testnet flag or for sure it won’t work as you expect :slight_smile:

Further this is still a crude version of the interaction of users. Though we are able to gain plenty of information from the test that our approach is sound in clearing items across the blockchain and money movement validation.

Please report any and all bugs you find along the way as it can be instrumental and make a difference in making sure we develop the wallet that covers as many exceptions as possible.

Please use the following format when reporting a bug, and please abstain from much commentary unless related to reporting the bug.

Standard bug report format:

Description of the function or command that has the bug

Expected Result
Describe what what meant to have happened

What actually happened.

How to replicate
Description of how to replicate the bug.