Safex Development Update December 28, 2017

Hello Everyone,

Wallet 0.0.5
During this update we are bringing forward the 0.0.5 version of Safex Wallet where there have been significant improvements made to the loading of the wallet; in addition to displaying the $$ value of Safex while they are in the wallet.

You can view and download the latest version from github or from the website

Related to New Exchanges
Since two weeks ago and the delisting situations we’ve encountered; a number of exchange operators are in contact with us to deploy Safex as a trading pair. At this time there is no official announcements and keep in mind the amount of testing and preparation for listing a new Token could take as little as one month and could take a few months to finally deploy Safex onto a new exchange. So we should all practice some patience on this matter as we get listed.

So far an exchange has taken the initiative to list Safex Tokens.

Related to Cryptopia
The Cryptopia situation is primarily related to the dependence of Safex to the bitcoin blockchain which comes tied up with high operational fees. It is these fees that had made Safex desirable to delist; or at least bring it into contention for the exchange operator.

This being said the team at Cryptopia have proposed an alternative solution that I believe needs to be presented to the community and the opinion of the group be considered before agreeing to any one path going forward. An upcoming blog post related to the options will be presented in the near future.

Whitepaper and Website
With the surge in traffic to our sites; this prompted our consideration for more optimizations to the website; should the first mover program go live as is, there could be interruptions to services as a result we are dealing with the potential future issue today. This being said we are slightly delayed with the launch of the new site; this along with the whitepaper. These developments will be launched ASAP. Yet a specific date is not available from our side right now.

Upcoming Partnerships
I am in progress of establishing a critical partnership for the Safex community; more on this will be communicated and become visible during January.

Safex is in the best position to become successful than ever before.

We have an amazing year of success ahead of us (global trade happening across the Safex Blockchain). Grateful to our community and if you haven’t already, Join us.



Thank you for the update!

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Downloaded new wallet, shows ) balance.

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Good one!
Happy holidays!

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Thanks for the update Dan.

Fairly disappointing to hear that both the whitepaper and the website redevelopment are delayed- all bacause of increased traffic to the website. From memory, in your update in early December you stated that the white paper will be released ‘in the coming weeks’.

I understand the sentiment of not releasing during the holidays, but I think more harm is done when devs break their pre-commitments to their communities.

Sorry to be a downer here, i just think if an update was done in earnest, it would be more than ‘we are working on XYZ, cant talk about it just yet, we’ll get back to you in a month’.


Thanks for the update Dan, just downloaded the wallet, great stuff.

I think its great that you guys aren’t rushing this project, we all want these releases but most importantly we want the foundation of this project to be extremely solid. Patience is a rare trait and it’s very encouraging to see this exercised in the way things are being handled once problems come to rise.

Hope you had a great Christmas and looking forward to everything SafeX in the new year.

Keep it safe!


FYI and for anyone else trying to find the new version of the wallet, you have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the download page. The links at the top still link to the old version.


Well, it’s just how people interpret what Dan stated in the first place. Now I’m not sure what the exact words were, but if in November is told " something is coming within weeks ", those weeks don’t have to end before new year :).



As always, thanks for the update and for taking the time during the Holidays to keep us all informed as to what lies ahead for SAFEX. I have even noticed other Devs starting a similar practice of weekly video updates. I think you have started a trend in the space, so kudos on that front.

Sounds as though you are working with possible exchanges, and, given the recent challenges at Coinbase over the BCH “insider trading” scandal there, I think you are exercising wisdom in allowing this to unfold in real time.

As for Cryptopia’s idea of a separate approach to trading SAFEX, I would vote that we take our time as a SAFEX Community to make a decision on that. I realize that the BTC fees are becoming untenable for exchanges and for traders alike. However, this is the current reality. In some ways, it may create a barrier to entry for some investors, on the other side, it does serve as a means of attracting those who are truly interested in the project. You will not “accidentally” invest in SAFEX with the high BTC-gas fee. Much more to reflect on here, of course. Look forward to your blog post.

Thanks again for your hard work over the Holidays, your passion and commitment to the project, and continuing to share details with the SAFEX Community! Onward and Upward…


Have we looked into using the Universa blockchain for the Safex coin? It’s supposed to be much faster than ethereum (20,000 tps) and very low fees. Main net is supposed to go live at the beginning of 2018 probably January but their test net is operational now: Their home page: John McAfee also their advisor so seems like a solid option.

Hey i updated the wallet but now dose not show how much safex i got i know i had 37964 but now it says 0 .

move your primary private key into archive in the wallet. Then move back to home.

Cool. Thanks for the update, guys. New wallet looks…practical. Tho, I’m really happy to know Safex will be up and trading on new platforms soon…

Keep it up… :slight_smile:

Can you explain how to do that? I have my “unsafex” file ready to go, but don’t know how to get it into the wallet.
Do you use it during the “Import Wallet” process? Is that a dat file, too?
Sorry…ultra noob.

Hi, thanks for the update.
I can see the Safex and BTC price now.

BUT…it now shows zero Safex and zero BTC balance on my Safex wallet.
This is impossible. I’ve upgraded directly from 0.0.3 to 0.0.5 on MS Windows 10.
On 0.0.3 it was still showing my 10000 Safex.


Archive this address and then send it back to home page. It will fix safex balance issue

I upgraded to the new 0.0.5 wallet but is shows 0 Safex balance.
I downgraded to 0.0.3 and I got the balance back.
Please fix it!

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That worked for me. thanks for sharing this workaround.

@flo90 on a Mac you simply reinstall the older version on top on the newer version.

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You should read all comments in the thread as the problem uz are encountering has allready got a fix :slight_smile:

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