Safex Development Update December 28, 2017

  1. it works

  2. thanks

  3. retarded award of the day goes to me :smiley:

thanks man


No problem bro take it easy #HODL LIFE :slight_smile:

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Thanks @dandabek, keeping us updated as always. Great things to come with marketplace and Safex blockchain.

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I downloaded the new version and my wallet has 0 safex in it now. I’m a little worried but at the same time i’m hoping its just a glitch. Can someone please help me rectify this?

Thanks :slight_smile:

@thesituati0n Thanks :slight_smile: back in business!

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I still can’t make it work. And, yes, I’ve watched the video.

To start, I export the .dat file and unsafex file from wallet version 0.0.3. Saved in file in My Documents.

Then, I download wallet 0.0.5, executable. When it opens, I select import wallet, and then choose the .dat file that previously saved, and enter my password. When the wallet opens…nothing. Shows empty.
At this point, I try the private key from unsafex on the open wallet, in the Import Key cell. Nothing. Shows empty.

Not sure what to do now.

I have successfully:

  • Sent and received Safex from my wallet, from versions 0.0.3 to 0.0.5
  • Bought and sold Safex from tradesatoshi (as well as Cryptopia and Bittrex when it was listed there)
  • Sent and received Safex from the exchanges

There is nothing wrong with the exchanges or the wallet application. I’m convinced all problems I read on these forums are user error.

Thanks for the update Dan. Some people may be impatient with progress, for me I see it as a longer opportunity to grab up Safex at cheap prices.

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@NateUSA if the Safex Wallet v0.0.3 is already installed on your PC, all you need do is download and run the setup.exe file for the v0.0.5 wallet and it will automatically install and update your v0.0.3 to v0.0.5.

If you’ve already installed the Safex Wallet v0.0.5, then open the wallet and try this sequence:

Click the ARCHIVE button, then click the HOME button. Or if your Public Key is displayed, then click TO ARCHIVE followed by TO HOME. Your Safex coins and balances should now be shown.

There is also support available by the Safex Community on Discord. Here is an active link to join Discord:

Best Wishes!

Guys and girls, take this for the perception that this has created for me and likely others too. I could be wrong but it sounds like we are many weeks ago from a white paper. 4-5 months away from it being listed on an exchange, months away from Alpha and so forth.
We aren’t going to have a meaningful market place up and running until late next year I think and and which in itself will suffer from the issues that sites in their infancy suffer with.
In short this is a long term hold before we see anything meaningful happen.
Which is somewhat disappointing I have to say since this bull run in crypto won’t last forever and the longer this takes the more competitors like bitbay will improve and the more opportunity there is for further competitors. The opium of McAfee endorsements can’t stand on it’s feet alone forever.
Will also add that no weekly updates would be preferred because then each time maybe we will hear of more substantive steps.
That big fall we saw today in price was of course linked to this announcement.


Take care and good luck

That should have said “bi weekly” would be preferred.
Take care and good luck? Nope I am not selling but equally I feel that people should be free to express themselves.
We don’t want to build an echo chamber do we?

v0.0.3 is already installed, and when I downloaded and ran the setup.exe file, it did not automatically upgrade the wallet to v0.0.5.

I tried your suggestion of clicking ARCHIVE, and then click HOME, and nothing happened. No safex coins are shown,

I’'ll go to Discord, see if I can figure this out…not gonna let this get me down. It’s probably a silly mistake I’m making.

Thanks for the response.

Can anyone invite me to Discord? I already am on Discord for other things. My name is NumberOneSon on Discord.

I have many safex coin but i am getting worried too after this annuncement. The website is less importan than whitepaper and alpha test we must move foward of small things people is watching now they need results. I Will hold my safex but some people looks angry

Ok, for anyone reading…I got some help and figured out my mistake.
You have to click on the “TO ARCHIVE” button that is in the same cell as the address. Then, select home, and your coins should appear.

Will be in the public square for random ridicule tomorrow. Bring beer.


You can’t change a blockchain once it’s begun, you can only fork it. We’ve waited on purpose so we can fix the problems before the blockchain launches.

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I’ll take the devil’s advocate side on this one. I believe the bull run will continue well into the summer. Perhaps not as robust a run as we’ve seen over the past few weeks, but a bull run none the less.
There are, and will be, millions of new people wanting to “get in” to the crypto craze…a world wide FOMO, imho.
Personally, I believe this is a watershed moment in the timeline of civilization, the evolution of currency, and worldwide economies. History books will record this era, and I want to be right in the middle of it. I only wish I had the knowledge to be a dev, and contribute on a more granular level.

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You’ve hit the nail on the head @daveyboy, as much as we don’t want to admit it…

I sold out completely last week, and yet another ‘development update’ non-event 2 days ago confirmed this project is being miss-managed. The constant shenanigans are detracting the developer from his core function. No reason not to release the WP, at the very least, let alone updated website and alpha…
‘The best times for releasing some very major production is when people have their attention span on what we’re releasing’… really ? You don’t have peoples attention right now?
The best time to release ‘major production’ was months ago, the next best time is right now, as was planned.
I could go on but won’t. I will be watching with interest for meaningful progress. Wishing the hodlers well.

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I’ve been a silent (but confident) follower for about 8 months. If my coins were on an active exchange I would be in the same boat. I’m dissaponted, I’ll keep it at that.

I’m not really worried about my investment in Safex, especially since I got in relatively cheap (80 sat), but I agree that the project should be managed better.

I am not saying that development is not managed well (since I dont have enough info on that) but the PR aspect should definitely be improved.

At least update the roadmap on the site.

Regarding the WP, for me its not about boosting the value of Safex, but actually showing the developed concept to your investors. Bcs at this moment, all I have is the general idea of what they want to do, and a lot of faith.