Safex Wallet Tutorial

Hi, does anyone know until which date I can hold my coins on Cryptopia?

Its not determined yet, so still at least a month

Thankis. So then I will not move my Safex coins for now. And do you know if Cryptopia is gonna mention it when they will close it? So that I can withdraw my coins just in time?

Support guy told me that they will make official statement when delisting.

I need to update my wallet i have exported both my private keys and wallet.dat file should i go and download the 0.05 wallet and import my private keys or i don’t need to import private keys after download i just login after download sorry for bothering because i have lost coins previously on my old wallet before

Just download is fine. It will overwrite previous version.

but it has been delisted already right? Or only under maintenance still on Cryptopia? I think the team should be more open about the whole delisting debacle and especially present us more heads up about possible new exchanges to be listed on. Why isn’t that happening?

Safex is supposed to be offered on this exchange when they up and running. There is more information elsewhere in the forum about it.

Hey, i’ve just downloaded the new wallet version .5 after previously having the old wallet. It has just overwritten it but now when i’ve logged in, i can’t see my safex coins. Are there any further steps required?


Further step is to use search and find your answer here. You are probably 50+ post with the same thing and it’s been answered 100 times before

Just literally found it and sorted it.

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Now just go to our Discord channel, enjoy and get ready for the great things :slight_smile:

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Do you have an active invite link? the ones i tried were all expired

Great thanks!

None of those addresses appear valid.

I noticed they are all upper case. Almost impossible to have an address with all upper case characters and to have 4 is even harder.

I suggest you search out the recent topics about the wallet and see the work around to have the coins appear. Safex Development Update December 28, 2017

Alternatively you can plug in the real addresses into’s front page (address check) and see what is at the addresses.

yes i even did a reply in the forum to help others and rich has confirmed
(1) I pushed the ARCHIVE button on top left and then the HOME button on top left nothing changed still zero Safex
(2) I pushed the TO ARCHIVE and it removed my wallet and put it in archive
(3) I pushed the ARCHIVE button at the top left and could see my archived wallets i clicked on TO HOME on each one to bring them back to the main page and they have quantity and price.
(4) Safex on top right price is not showing anything and BTC is not showing anything

Hello all,

Newb here. I apologize in advance for being annoying.

Realized recently that Safex was delisted on Bittrex. Downloaded the safex wallet for my mac. Installed, green lights, looks good.

Sent a test transfer of 400 coins from bittrex (100 fee 300 to my wallet)
It’s been three days and still nothing.

Likely user error.
Can someone assist me or point me in the right direction to figure this out?
Thank you in advance, and be well out there!

Hi there! Please do the following:

  1. I dont know if this bug affects mac users as well, but lets try it first - archive (to archive), then unarchive (to home) the address in wallet. See if that updates the balance.

If this doesnt help, do the following.

  1. Check that the transaction order on Bittrex is marked as completed;
  2. Go to, and search using you wallet address. Does it show coins in the balance? If it doesnt, try searching with the transaction ID (you can get it on Bittrex order history page).

Hi there,

I have both Safex and Bitcoin in my safe wallet. Is there a way to migrate my Bitcoin into Safex within the wallet, or does it need to be done via an exchange? If it is the latter and I send my Bitcoin to another exchange, do I need to leave any remaining Bitcoin in my wallet?