Safex Development Update December 28, 2017

Well, hiring tens of new developers should actually speed it up remarkably.

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Hi from a Senior newbie token holder of Safex. Unfortunately I was ‘lulled’ over by Safex’s “vision” of paying dividends, it smelled like “altruism, and humanitarianism.” And unknowingly, my tokens got trapped on Cryptopia (sure its only 948 tokens) but how much do you expect a poor senior to HAVE to through around? In any event, despite obescenses by Safex regarding some sort of ‘sympathy’ for token holders, Safex’s altruism and sharing don’t extend to HELPING OUT PEOPLE TRAPPED on cryptopia, with less tokens than required to WITHDRAW! It would be nice if Safex would extend some of this humanitarianism and community to us and REPLACE OUR TRAPPED tokens by re-issuing some to us, that would be a very EXPLICIT statement to make about Safex’s truthful heart.

SAFEX has no authority over Cryptopia, there’s nothing SAFEX can do to help.

The fee associated with withdrawal at cryptopia is known before you deposited the money. It’s not trapped or lost, it’s just the inherent cost of the BTC blockchain.

Stepping in here, I know there is a lot that you and many other don’t know. And things take time to plan, execute, and then to communicate to everyone else. We are not imbeciles and are working on making good solutions.

Before anyone takes your comments the wrong way, here is an excerpt that I proposed to cryptopia on YOUR behalf, thanks very much. That’s my .75 btc from my pocket I was ante ing up for YOU.

Okay, moving on, there will be a post about this situation and the possible solutions their impact and pros and cons. Alright! :slight_smile: We talked about it in the video, please tune in.

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Disclaimer, this is not ^^ finalized. It is proposed by me from 1 week ago.


thanks Dan, this is brilliant.

May i suggest something if you do not mind?

Why would YOU pay 0.75 BTC? The idea is great to allow us to retrieve our SAFEX,

Create new BTC wallet and the ones willing to can give a bit of their BTC to help our fellow cryptopians?

I personally have 800+ stuck on crypotopia as i messed up with transfer…

We are a community, you work hard for SAFEX and we all believe in it. The long term/holders are here for the coins and give a hand when needed. Plus I think that this would reflect very nicely in term of marketing/PR on SAFEX and the dev team. Other exchanges will know that the community is here for you guys and there fellow cryptopians.

Could not we raise the 0,75? A lot of us can easily give 0.01BTC. Just need 75 of us and you get to keep your BTC.

My 2 cents idea :slight_smile: Let me know what you think guys


jeez, morning after party post -,- sry for english.

the idea is: raise the 0.75 via the community. we are here for you :slight_smile:


It’s strange to lay this on the development team. If you weren’t aware of cryptopias withdrawal fees it’s no one else’s fault but your own. If you get something stolen its an insurance company that replaces the goods not the manufacturer of the product. Just another person outraged that they didn’t know what they were doing and lost out.

EDIT: if a solution can be found between community members then great. Just don’t like demands on Dan to reissue tokens stuck crpytopia. How is it his responsibility?


it is not Dan responsibility and tokens should not be reissued that is for sure. Such demands should not even exists.

There are 2 types of people in cryptopia with less than 1500 SAFEX:

  1. ones like me that for some obscure reasons messed up somewhere. For me those SAFEX are considered lost. My mistake, my loss. However what I do not like is the fact that cryptopia will own my SAFEX once they remove them from my account…

  2. people that joined SAFEX to gamble and invested a tiny fraction. They are not holders, they have no idea about the project, in this case it is their loss. Like you said, ‘read about fees etc…’’.
    This being said, word of mouth is very important and those people as for now are raging and hate SAFEX. Give them an alternative so they avoid raging.

@dandabek doyou know how many coins (rough estimate) are stuck in cryptopia?
If the 0.75 BTC can buy all of those coins, maybe SAFEX could by them all and burn them or airdrop?

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Just want to say again, “Cheers to Dan Dabek and his team” :beers:

No disrespect to @Smellydragon or others who are angry and frustrated, but you are in good hands :handshake:

I’ve held other coins but I’ve not seen a Chief Architect more committed and sincere than Dan Dabek!

This excerpt is another fine example of his commitment to all of us :+1:

Happy New Year and Best Wishes!


I’m certainly meaning to offend nobody either :slight_smile: but if the thieving thug/shysters running these exchanges are ALLOWED to get away with this sort of stuff facts speak for themselves! What does this say about people who TOLERATE the exchanges behaviors?? from Bittrex stealing deposits that never arrive for miniscule addressing errors, or the right stupid text in a memo field 'they got the stupid address the other crap like needing 0.1 ETH in an account in order to RECEIVE more… or else they have the right to steal your withdrawal… from wallets which ARE ALLOWED and PERMITTED to mistakenly send say XLM to a BTC address it don’t get returned to sender… 4 weeks after putting the 0.1 ETH in a wallet on Bittrex my transfer STILL doesn’t get there… then Cryptopia trying to charge $40 lmost to remove $35 of tokens… like seriously what do these facts say about the people who TOLERATE this stuff?? Speaking of SAFE… howabout withdrawals required BY LAW to be returned to the wallet sent from if sent to the wrong address… and Stellars wallet should be liable for TRANSMITTING xlm to a invalid address and return it… like what do these facts say about people who tolerate this stuff…?
in peace,

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as I said… after more than half a dozen stumbles… something ‘SAFE’ looked very appealing… safety from the BOTS cryptopia uses to create volatility [corruption] … obviously Bitt[wreck] and C[orru]ptopia are in cahoots and covering each other cause they steal in different ways… the first one steals deposits, the second one nails you with trade bots, partial fill trades and scalping tantrums… over, i could continue all day :frowning:

and speaking of ‘community’ and ‘safety’ … sorry, Safex should become an Xchange :slight_smile: … we need vehement regulation of things like lost withdrawals, or deposits, the use of trade bots, and weasely xchanges should be required by LAW global WIDE to popup a dialogue box that fills up HALF the screen warning you what the withdrawal fees for ANY token are… BEFORE YOU ARE ALLOWED TO BUY IT ON TRADE!! ~ there is no reason for the transfer of a childish cryptographic string to cost $38 I’m sorry… or for a safex token to cost more to transfer than a Coino (CNO) or a Campuscoin (CMP??) those transfers costed but decimals to send practically

we don’t need to tolerate all of that crap in order to have crypto currency, privacy, anonimty, goodness gracious, God Bless

I understand what you’re saying, but this is still the wild west phase of cryptos. Some people will make a fortune, others will lose. And absence of regulation is what makes this possible. But in any case, there is very little “safe” about cryptos right now - its the gold rush of our generation.

Regarding the fees for Safex, they are linked to high BTC transaction fees. Some exchanges cover these fees more, some less. This wont change until Safex is on its own blockchain.


@dandabek Good job Safex team. There are people behind you all the way. Keep up the good work and keep it going. Ignore the hype and let’s just sail through it and keep work going. We will emerge victorious unlike the overhyped companies.


Well, got my champagne in one hand and my mouse in other. Checking my safex wallet one more time before heading of to celebrate NY.

Hope all of you guys have a great time, make some good memories and ready to face new year with our wallets substantially fuller. :slight_smile:

Happy Holidays, everyone. :santa:


You say that like they held a gun to your head and forced you to move your coins into their wallets.

when you are trying to bail on a token that is dropping on an exchange there is no reason or warning that any 1 tokn will be more expensive to withdraw than any other no indicators, nothing whatsoever to to warn you…

And it is sinful to try to equate the ‘Wild West’ with crypto currency… In the Wild West you did not have to ask more than 2 times where your money was, justice and retribution were NEVER painfully waited for, and thieves were hung by the neck within a week! Everyone carried guns, and the owners of Bittrex and Cryptopia would have been shot or hung by a rope a long time ago!

Actually, we need to put some “Wild West” INTO the crypto currency racket.

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Well, back in the beginning of November a Safex withdrawal from Cryptopia cost 1 safex. Now all of a sudden, when they practically FORCE people to withdraw (due to the halted trading) they charge 1500 Safex.
Something is wrong with this picture!!!
And I really have a hard time understanding why so few people see this.
It’s abusive!

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bwahahaha dan is such a tease.