Safex Development Update November 20, 2017

Hello Safex Community Team!

So far this week has been highly eventful. We have wrapped up the affiliate system backend so it is just awaiting the front end development to be completed which at that time we can merge my project and Pavle’s and push the website update along with the new affiliate system.

Since I will be traveling on Wednesday to Dubai and then to Singapore the launch of the website will be take place in December to give us enough run way to launch it correctly. I will be speaking alongside Jim Rogers (a successful hedge fund manager)

So this is a great opportunity to meet and represent to many heavy hitters in business while in Singapore. Whereas the event in Dubai will be more introduction to new people who are becoming interested in Cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, alongside the website update will be launch of the initial whitepaper of Safex. The emission curve research for the distribution of the Safex (cash credits bucks (whatever)) is wrapping up completely. This means we will have stake in the ground on this matter. This is part of what separates our economy from 100% of coins on the market today and the underlying mechanism will lead to the greatest value cryptocurrencies have seen so far.

Most notably, progress on blockchain development is going very well in that I have a local network that is establishing connection and sharing blocks. And transaction signing is taking place. I am working on the proof of work miner component so that blocks are created as part of mining rather than a timer (this is for testing). However this is fantastic news in terms of progressing on Alpha release.

In addition, we have a bitcoin atm arrived to the customs house and when it clears we’ll start vending Safex coins for cash via the atm, that’ll be a great breakthrough :+1:

We will continue steam rolling forward. Appreciate all of your feedback and participation in this process you are the visionaries and we are so glad to build alongside you.

Safex Developers


Nice work dan + team! Im waiting so hard that the chair im on soon breaks :smiley:

Also, will the summit be streamed?


Thank you for the update! :muscle::muscle::muscle: SAFEX TO THE MOOOOON :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:


Awesome :slight_smile: no doubt in Dubai and Singapore you’re going to get the attention of some big buyers!


Thanks for the update Dan, safe travels this week.

Any word from the PR team? Isn’t their proposal expected today?


Atm machine? Wow! I’ll come, personaly to see whats all that about! :grin:


Count me in that too :slight_smile:


Man, forget about the ATM thing. Don’t lose Focus.

@capivarao not sure what’s the issue, it’s an easy thing we’re receiving to the office for local people to be able to buy cryptos with their cash.


Dan and Team,

Thank you for the update and the continued work on the SAFEX project. Do let us know more about the Singapore and Dubai events. Always goo to be able to share these events with others and the Broader Crypto Community.

The ATM project sounds like a good prototype for SAFEX and worth collecting some Data to see how people respond to it. If there is a “paper” receipt, it might not be a bad idea to let people know about the SAFEXchange that will be coming in mid-2018. Some of these folks might have products or services they would like to offer on the marketplace, while others might be interested in purchasing products and services once things go “live.”

SAFEX travels and look forward to the updates following your experiences abroad.


Thanking you for the update! Updates are always appreciated and something I look forward to weekly, big or small :slight_smile:

Good luck with the travels Dan, sounds very exciting, spread the good word of Safex!

Keep it safe!


Hey, Dan. Keep us posted with updates from your Dubai and Singapore. I know a lot of guys who are weighing in on buying SAFEX and would def go in once they see how it is stellar progressing. :slight_smile:

Lots of luck on the conferences. We are holding thumbs. :slight_smile:


Spread the good word, Daniel. :slight_smile:

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Good to hear that you are networking in addition to building the blockchain.

Getting people to know about the technology is just as important, if not more, as the tech.

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lol… Big Buyers? What a load of nonsense you are selling this community. Get back in the office and develop the platform. Affiliate platform? just mosre sales and marketing. more pump no substance BUILD THE PLATFORM!!! Stop delaying! Stop travelling. clearly your travels are not generating new buyers for the coin. You have NOTHING to show. Deliver a product! otherwise ur just as big fraud than most of these other shit coins. Everyone here should be tired of waiting. SAFEX has done nothing except pretty web page and marketing. when it comes to actual platfrom development its all delays, bug ridden wallets etc etc etc… development team does not seem up to the task.

You done?

We’re right on schedule per the timeline on the website, not sure what you’re ranting about.

He is Just trying to spread fud. Till now safex is on track. Have you seen maidsafe project? More than 10 years of development

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I have an issue with my wallet - unable to send safex. I thought initially it is due to insufficient Bitcoin funds for transfer but today send some BTC in and still unable to send. Any ideas?

Thank you.

No update this week due to the traveling to Dubai @dandabek ?


@bredell Some delay.

Wouldn’t worry about this fud, just some bitter lols