Safex forum needs moderators please!

Due to the repeated pointless and repeating thread topics/questions i believe this forum seriously needs moderators, especially those planning on hanging around long term. Can the Safex team please get the forum in order as it undermines what the team is trying to say professionally. Yes i am not perfect and also need moderating at times, but the same questions are being posted over and over by what seems desperate people. It may be worth nominating some long time regulars on here and they can assist in sorting, creating stickies etc.


I couldn’t agree more someone with some sort of authority or power to do the cleaning up around here to keep it as professional as possible.

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agree. in the meanwhile we could help by flagging inappropriate posts.

Agree 100%

It seems i have the authority to change title and move threads etc, i think more have this ability. But it wont let us delete threads though.

Way too many repeated useless threads

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Understanding SAFEX team has there hands full doing what they do best, moderators for the communities well being and protecting the SAFEX’s teams hard work and efforts needs to be done. We need moderators so the post like the one attacking Cryptopia can be removed immediately, by not doing so shows support of such post and creates more unnecessary work and distractions from the task @ hand. :v: