Safex inactive in Bitrex

Happy holidays all! Attempting to send my safex from bitrex to the safex wallet but safex wallet in bitrex is inactive and currently in maintenance. Concerned I won’t be able to complete this transfer. Has anyone experienced this on bitrex after the delisted date of 12/15?

I’m hoping it’s fixed asap before the 29th. I previously read you have 14 days from the delisting date to transfer from bitrex wallet else where.

I’ll appreciate anyone’s feedback or experience with what I’m currently dealing with.

Blessings to all!

i have the same problem as you, hope the maintenance is done before the 29th.

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Ditto. Keep me posted if you’re able to do this. I’ll do the same.

same problem …:triumph::triumph::triumph:

Smh. Bitrex still has it under maintenance. Waiting on their support team to give me some type of explanation.

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if u have any news from bittrex support share it
thx :+1:

It’s up! Just checked. Take advantage before it happens again!

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it under maintenance again. Has anyone been able to withdraw safex from bittrex?