SAFEX Investor Advice & Guidelines

As someone who spends a bit of time gathering fundamental information to support technical trading, I have noted on countless subreddit threads, and now the newly released platforms, that there is an extensive amount of threads focused on investing in Cryptos. Most of this investment-focused chatter is about the under-, over-, or non-performance of a particular Crypto, with much of the blame for under-/non-performance blamed on the Team behind said Crypto.

What I am curious to explore with the SAFEX Community is whether we might create a set of guidelines/advice streams that support all investors to understand the shift in investment, at least in the Crypto space, from a passive income generation to an active, even reciprocal participant in the overall investment and the project behind it. SAFEX appears to have one of the strongest groups of long-term investors of any project that I have come across in this class of investments. How might we, collectively, create a set of evolving guidelines and advice threads that help in the transformation of “typical” investors to ones that better understand the nature of this particular project, the SAFEX Team, and the vision? Any thoughts?