Safex Migration: Burning Coins - necessary BTC amount is in creasing with each BTC Transfer

I finished the migration Process as described in your youtube videos. Since for the final Burning process some BTC was missing I send 0,00007 Satoshi to my Safex Adress. After the amount was credited and I should have had enougth BTC, when I started to “send” the necessary BTC amount increased and I received an error message not to have enought balance.
What’s up here? I repeated afterwards the process to send some satoshi to my Safex Adress, but again, after the process finished the Burning process became more expensive. I now have to “pay” 0.00038045 BTC whereas in all your video’s the necessary amount is much more lower.
Interesting, when I finished step 4 of the migration, in the beginning the necessary amount of BTC for the burning process was much lower …
Any idea what to do?
Thanks for your help!

It is because each time you add a tiny amount of BTC, to then include the new BTC identity in the txn requires more kB of data, which costs more to send.

As has been repeatedly explained, to avoid this issue, send a single chunk of BTC at least 100k sats in size. This will make it cheaper, and you can remove the remaining BTC after migration.

thanks, I read this some time ago and therefore send a coresponding amount of BTC in the beginning of the process - unfortunately it wasn’t sufficient for two parts of migration and the final burning process …
I wasn’t quiete aware of this problem afterwards.

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