Safex migration


I did my safex migration sometime ago but recently had a friend ask me to do theirs also.

I followed the same process but his migration doesnt seem to be working? I’ve attached a screenshot. Any help would be awesome. I tried reset and doing it again also.

@jake if you can copy paste the old address as text, I’ll have a look on the block explorer.

My guess… you triggered Step 4 while the txn from Step 3 was still awaiting confirmation, which means the wallet moves to the burn screen, but the second half doesn’t get set.

Once you provide your old address as text, we can check things out for certain.

Hi Sloth,

Here is the old address:

Unfortunately, it looks like you rushed the process and failed to set the second half correctly.

The highlighted txn is your burn.

I have no idea what the most recent txn in the BTC explorer is. Did you commence a reset process, perhaps?

We can get it sorted. Just let me know what the most recent txn was and we can proceed from there.


Yeah, I did reset the process. I read some of your other recommendations and thought this might be the same.

The most recent transaction was the 24-11-2019 one.

Thank you

Did you attempt to reset both halves (Steps3&4), or only the first half (Step3)?

What migration screen is your wallet on?

Thats the screen. Couldn’t do it all again as there was no safex to burn.

Unfortunately, you simply repeated the same mistake you made the first time around… not being patient enough.

The Reset process is explained in detail in

If your knowledge isn’t sufficient to allow you to read and interpret the block explorer, then leave it AT LEAST an hour between steps 3 and 4.

You still have sufficient BTC in the wallet to do it properly.


So reset it and start the process. Leave it a while then progress the steps. Im not in a rush so maybe ill start it tonight and finish in the morning?

This step, then finish in the morning should work?


That will be perfect… Step 3 tonight and Step 4 in the morning will be excellent.

Then allow up to 4 hours for the Migration Table to populate.

Cool, I initiated the next step now. I obviously cant put in the final step of burning safex as they’re already gone but assuming I dont need to?

Hopefully all good now?

Your second half is still awaiting confirmation, but you’ve now done everything correctly.

After it gets confirmed, allow up to 4 hours for the Migration Table to populate.

Got them. You’re a legend.

Thank you!

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