Safex not arrived after 24 hours

Hello Users,

I made purchase of 10000 Safex coins on the website 1.5 days back i.e more than 24 hours back. I do not see my Safex coins on the Omnichest wallet link? I have used option 2 for copying private and public key. I see BTC is already deducted from my account but it does not show any safecoins on Omnichest wallet. Please help. How to continue?


Hi Sjain, I have exactly the same problem. I wrote to support yesterday on August 7 but still no reply from Safex…

It would be great to get this matter resolved!


Hi Onno2525,

Thanks for the feedback. Surprising that no one is responding. I also sent them request and do not know anything yet. Let us keep in touch and see if the problem gets resolved.


Hi Sjain, Yes will keep you updated if I get any reply from support. Fingers crossed!

Hello, What was the outcome? I’ve also been waiting more than 24 hours.

I also have this problem - 24hrs+ and still no coins. Where/What is the support ticket option/email for Safex? If I click the support link on their site it just opens up this support forum link.

Hi, same here, would be great if SAFEX could come back to us and help clarify what happened with our coins.