Safex on new exchanges?

Question for Dan, is there any plans to add Safex to any more exchanges? It’s strange to be only available on Bittrex and no other exchange, usually new/smaller market cap coins start on smaller exhchanges (hitbtc, cryptopia, etherdelta etc.), and their goal is to be added to Bittrex/Bitfinex/Bitnance etc.

This would do wonders for increasing the marketcap!

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Hi timmytommy,

Safex Coins are available from Bittrex, Cryptopia and that I know of.

There is also a petition to make Safex available from Kraken.

Best Wishes!


Ah thank you @jcasale I will sign it now! Bitfinex would be the goal

Reading the petition now:

"SAFE EXCHANGE COIN has a market cap of over $38 million dollars, a 24 hr volume of over $1.4 million dollars, and an active slack community (876 and counting). "

Safex’s marketcap is half this now…

Safex is also on Coinspot which is an Australian exchange where I got my Safex from.