SAFEX partners with, a blockchain based voice call service allows people to seek advice from experts, who charge clients for their services. needs a blockchain to implement their smart contract to accept payment, so they save development time by using SAFEX’s blockchain, and in return we get fees!

This is a huge step forward, as it opens up the possibility of integration with SAFEX. We have been thinking eBay & Amazon, but the market is much bigger than that.

Any SaaS that requires a blockchain can use SAFEX. It’s essentially a merchant service with blockchain capabilities if you think of SAFEX as a core platform.

SAFEX can be the backbone for the anonymous decentralized blockchain technologies that will emerge in the upcoming years.


Ahhh just lovely… If it wasn’t for Bittrex - :rocket:

Great idea.

lol. Reading that is like drinking a cold beer. Is this something that lawyers or financial advisers may use ?

Yeah I think so, kinda like LegalZoom but with built in smart contract.

Funny story, I was just looking for something like this the other day when I had questions about cyrpto capital gains. I wanted to chat with someone real time but I don’t think something like that exists. This would be a great service to use.

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This applies for many different industries as well. E.g my brother is one of the worlds leading experts in pipeline inspections. His expertise is called upon many times a year and some of these jobs he gets caught out by simply answering an email and giving some possible solutions. He will never see a dime for that, but solved a problem for a billion dollar oil company. With the voice smart contracts, he will get paid as soon as he picks up the phone. If his very few branch expert colleagues do the same, all of them get rid of a problem which is known for many years. Knowledge is valuable and expensive.


We need to decouple from BTC as soon as possible. BTC has no utility except for stock market manipulation.

If we can create our own ecosystem of blockchain services, and generate substantial consistent revenue, we’re going to be un-pegged from BTC’s price.

The dividend ratio is going to set a baseline price at all times.

I think Dan mentioned other merchant’s who want to try SAFEX as well, can’t wait till the market goes live.