Safex removed as Malware by BitDefender antivirus

I have spent hours on this now. Sent a trouble ticket to Bitdefender and tried to add Safex wallet as an exception, but it is always removed by Bitdefender and reported as malware.

Wonder if there is any update Safex can do to the wallet to prevent this?


I’m having same trouble with AVG also. Update to the wallet to counter this would be nice.

Same here with Avast. Hope a new update will fix this!

Can you temporarily disable the antivirus? Norton seems to not like a like a lot of the coin wallets. I think it is just because it is a new software and the antivirus doesn’t have any history with it. I would see how you can override it with the antivirus.

It happened to me also using window 10 defender but I disable my defender then reinstalled it. Work for me but havent switched my coins to my wallet to see any transaction results

Guys, it’s false positive, don’t worry. Many other apps are registered as a “virus” or “malware” :slight_smile: app is safe to use in every possible way.

Like my finace’s pregnancy test… That was a lucky bullet I dodged at the time haha

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@genedna Same thing is happening to me! Waiting on a response from Bitdefender… Very frustrating! Even though I add Safex to all of the exclusion lists, it still quarantines it as malware.
I’m not worried about the Safex app at all. I told Bd that I KNOW it’s not malware… But it is something that we have to find a fix for. Something is continuously showing up as malware to various AV programs. I haven’t had this problem with ANY other wallets, and I have loaded A LOT of different wallets. This is a first…
Any ideas from the Dev Team?

The Devs are submitting permissions to the anti-virus companies. Soon the wallet won’t pop up as malware, patience my son… patience…

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Thanks Platon! I’m like a hospital… :wink:

We’re looking into that. For now, you can disable your antivirus protection for installing our Wallet, and as soon as you do that, turn it back on and you should be good to go :slight_smile:

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@Safex1 there is loads of articles all over the place about your wallet triggering all sorts of different anti-virus applications - you need to sort it out mates, this is really bad reputation you’re creating. Personally, I’m not going to install you’re wallet as I haven’t got much confidence in it right now! This thread is from August - 2 months ago you said you’re working on it…again…I’m not feeling much confidence right now.

Windows 10 norton antivirus and no problems…I thought there was a way to place a site, etc as safe so you can open it?

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@tazzy no doubt, thanks for the heads up. We needed to get approval from Apple and Microsoft which took nearly 1 month from when we submitted the applications to get the certificates.

We’re going to push up the next version of the wallet as soon as possible (in progress) to address these antivirus issues. Thanks! :bowing_man: