SAFEX send to BTC address but on an exchange

Hi guys …

Some time ago I have send SAFEX tokens to my BTC address in an exchange, yeah its normal to send safex to a bitcoin address but the address was on on an exchange ! dumb move i know as I do not have the keys …

Exchange is kind enough to look into it , their devs are going to have a look and get back to me.

However they came back with the following :

"Sending SAFEX to a BTC wallet address creates and invalid transaction on the BlockChain, see link below.

The red error message “Unable to decode output address” indicates that the transaction was attempted on the Blockchain, but due to the incompatibility of the receiving address the transaction could not be completed."

They are right , although I can see the transaction here that says confirmed :

any blockchain explorer i use it says , like the link in their comment and any block explorer it shows like :
Unable to decode output address . Any idea why this happens ? Does this mean the funds never made it to the BTC address ?



The “coloring” of the transaction is how Safex Tokens are transferred on the bitcoin blockchain. It is normal to see that. It actually means the transaction went through.

The exchange needs to take the private key that corresponds to where you accidentally transferred. They need to plug that into either the Safex Wallet or to or the Omnicored Commandline application in order to retrieve your lost safex tokens.

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I hope the exchange can contact us if they have any further questions; I really do hope you get to recover your lost tokens.