Safex vs Bitcoin privacy

so I heard multiple times that SAFEX will be the best privacy blockchain and much better than Bitcoins or others.

But can someone explain this in more technical detail? Why will it be more secure and more private?

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Bitcoin saves all transactions publicly available in the blockchain. So if you know the btc address of a person you can look up all the transactions that they have made. Blockchains of other crypto currencies like monero for example use private transactions and hide the sender and receiver of transactions. The safex blockchain has not been released yet but it will probably use private transactions in a similar way.


Last I heard, the same cryptonight algo used by currencies like Monero was proposed for the SafeX currency. The same techniques that would make XMR anonymous would then apply to the SafeX form of money.

Iā€™m pretty sure this will be further clarified in the upcoming white paper, stay tuned.

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