Safex Wallet Documentation

I’ve been researching Safe Exchange Cryptocurrency and was hoping to purchase some as an investor.
I watched the video tutorial on the Safex Wallet and also the videos on buying Safex Option 1 and Option 2.
I am registered with Bitstamp and normally make purchases with my credit card.
In this way I could purchase Bitcoin to then use to purchase Safex.
But I was wondering if there is a PDF tutorial for how to use the Safex wallet and how to purchase Safex in the manner I described.


First thing is to set up your wallet.

Then purchase your BTC as usual in your bitstamp account. Afterwards head over to to purchase your SAFEX.

(For anyone else looking to purchase Safex and does not already have a method to purchase Bitcoin)

For ease of use many people use
as it’s based in Slovakia and for the most part universally accessible. However, be mindful of their rates and fees. The price of BTC you purchase will be up to 2% over market. A service fee of 6% if only using bank transfer. It’s an additional 5.5% for CC processing. So you pay a hefty premium to use their services.

If your in the US then coinbase
is the go to application for buying bitcoin with credit card. But, since It’s FDIC institution. You will have to go through a verification process. So I recommend no one ever purchase more than 9,500USD worth of BTC using the service in the US. In order to stay below the 10,000USD limit imposed on all financial institutions that require them to file a 1099 on your behalf.

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Thank you!!!