Safex Wallet got uninstalled from desktop

Hello everyone,

I am new to safex coin and after going through project i am truly have strong belief in the project.But i need to ask one thing.I installed Safex Wallet on my PC but it got uninstalled/deleted from it and fortunately i hadnt transferred my any safex coin from Bittrex to safex wallet.So my question is that if suppose i would have some coins in that wallet how i can restore or recover those coins by re-installing safex wallet.

your wallet .DAT back up in USB / hard drive/ offline internet drive :no_mouth:

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You have a safexwallet.dat file… You can use that file to import it in the reinstall at the login screen.

Amazing news is that we just got approval from Apple to make signed software so that we can now work with the antivirus companies. When we get back from travels in Tokyo this is what we will tackle to make the wallet accepted by the antivirus companies finally :+1: