Safex Wallet Safety

I was wondering if there is any way to do a back up of the coins in my SAFEX wallet? other wallets you can make a back up as a wallet.dat file is there any way to do that with the SAFEX wallet? if not how do you do a back up to make sure coins cannot be lost, what about additional security such as 2FA or some other security feature?

You can do a backup file and get private keys. Take a closer look at the wallet.

so just to make sure I have this right, under the setting there is “Export Encrypted Dat” is this what you are referring to as the back up?

Ive exported the encrypted Dat file but do I also need to export my private keys as well or am I fine with the Dat file?

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I prefer to write down my private keys and store them offline. You can definitely export your unecrypted keys and copy them down (double triple check of course you wrote it legibly and correctly)


Thanks @dandabek how do I open them and copy it down?

use the “export unencrypted keys” option, and open the file you saved during that process you’ll see the private keys there

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Thanks Dan. @dandabek are there any further progress updates on Chille? Or maybe a possible release date/ and or month?

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I am aiming to launch the alpha of our blockchain in this quarter (between now and December). It is front and center for me from now on, besides some other developments around the wallet/websites etc.


That’s great @dandabek . As a long term investor I’m very keen for the launch and to see SafeX grow to its fullest potential. To the moon buddy :sunglasses::raised_hands::rocket:



Hello Safex Community and Dan Dabek.
I’m excited to be part of this community and have been trying to acquire more Safex Coins.
If only I could set myself up with several million or more like many in this community. Hats off to those of you who believed in Dan and got in early, and also to those getting in now and able to invest significant dollars!

My question is related to the thread of posts here.
I’ve exported my encrypted wallet.dat file as well as my public and private keys.dat file.
When I did this, the Safex Wallet pre-populated the file name, but did allow me to save to the location of my choice.

My first question is whether I can enter a different file name.dat than the one that’s pre-populated?
My second question is when I’m able to acquire more Safex Coins and export the encrypted wallet.dat file, do I need to save the previous one?

Thank you Dan Dabek and the Safex team for this opportunity!
Thank you Safex Community for this great forum!


yes you can change the file name by default it gives the date and time

You do not need to back up again unless you made a new address

Thank you Dan!

I managed to increase my Safex Coins from several hundred thousand to just over 1 million!

After researching several other cryptocurrencies, and there are some good ones out there I believe, I decided to put everything I had into Safex because of the work you are doing and the hope I have for this project.

Best Regards