Safex wallet v.0.0.6

Hello Dan! Could you record a video how to update a safex wallet V0.0.6? Help me please

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I also join a friend’s request. Please, make a movie how to install and transfer funds from the old version of the portfolio, for example v0.0.3, to the new version. Do you need to have a btc on the old portfolio to transfer funds to the new wallet and what to do with the old wallet to uninstall remove? Many people would make this life easier, as if they saw step by step what to do and how to do it.

Hello @BlueIcon and @RAF

Rich @Rich.bate, has put together a very good Safex Wallet tutorial that you access from the following Youtube address:

If you already have an older version of the Safex Wallet installed on your computer, all you need to do is download and install the newer version. Your new wallet will automatically display next time you log in.

NOTE: You do not need to unistall the old wallet! But definitely you should immediately backup your new wallet and export your public and private keys to a very safe location, such as a USB stick and even write down your keys. If anyone obtains your private key, they could steal all that you have.

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Thank you for your help and tips. I did as you advised, that is, I downloaded the latest version of the portfolio, I wrote public and private keys, date files. However, something does not agree with me. When I log in, the status of my wallet is zero, but when I enter the history, I see the transfers I made and their number. In turn, when you log in through wallet import everything is ok. And public keys are the same but, here you can see the status of coins and there not. Did I make a mistake somewhere or is it supposed to be? If I made a mistake, how to fix it.
Regards RAF
How can someone explain why this is happening


Watch the video again:

There is a sequence of steps that usually fixes this problem that is discussed in the video. I believe if you login and click “To Archive” followed by “Archive” followed by “Home” your coin balance should display.

Hope this helps.

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Is there a specific date we must have our safex tokens moved to the safex client in order to receive the safex cash?

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Hi :slight_smile:
Everything is fine, I did as you wrote. Thank you to all those involved for help and such a quick response.
best regards and all good.


Not seen any. And we’ve been told that the safex cash will be given anytime after its started. In other words no need for it to be done immediately when started. We will have months or years.


Hi, I have my safex exchange tokens in my wallet I think it’s a old version 32 bit wallet… that’s the only one I could download on my pc, do I need to do anything when everything start to change over to safex blockchain network to get air drop ect

Yes @Jamesie05 , Dan Dabek will announce when the new Safex Blockchain is ready and this will most likely occur with a new version of the Safex Wallet. You will need to migrate your Safex coins from the Bitcoin Blockchain to the Safex Blockchain which will enable you to recieve the Safex Cash airdrop. Dan has referred to this process as “Locking In” your Safex.

A good resource for you to be informed of the latest Safex updates would be the Safe Exchange Coin website:

In addition, there is a Safex community on Reddit:
and also on Discord:

Here is a Youtube link created by Dan Dabek, the Chief Architect of Safex, discussing the Safex roadmap:

Best Wishes!

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Thanks for your reply mate I’ve held my safex for almost 7-8 months now and not planning to sell
Them anytime soon, I will just keep checking in here every now and then on updates when I need to exchange wallets to the safex blockchain I’ll worry about it when the time come as for now there safe in my safex wallet :)… I’m considering buying more safex but seems a little complicated to do that now well for me anyway using fiat