Safex Xasg

Hi all.
I have some Safex Cash on my wallet v. 0.0.7.
What can I do with them? Can i do migration now?
Please help me.

Hi Kris,

If you have old, original Safex [Safe Exchange Coins] (BTC/Omni), then unfortunately you missed the 390-day migration window, which ran from November 2018 thru to the end of November 2019.

In the case above, any old original Safex are now dead, so far as the project is concerned. The Migration process was advertised frenquently across all Safex channels, so if you’d been following the project, I can’t imagine how you missed getting the info.

You used the term Safex Cash, which refers to one of the new blockchain coins, but the v7 wallet is not actually capable of holding new coins, as it was only old coins + migration functionality. As you state you have them in your v7 wallet, then I assume you did indeed mean the old coin.

Hi Mr. Aussiesloth,

Sorry to disturb with a same question, but I need to have somebody help. I bought these Safex Ex. Coins in 2017, and I got surprised when it went out of the market, so I waited, I have a few knowledge in English, and maybe I misunderstood this time/period for migration, I do not notice that it ended in Nov.2019, because I have read on Jan.2019 that it will have a time of 1 year.
Well, just to sum up, I had my mobile stolen, and all the authentications keys was blocked. I could not open my accounts, and I have many trouble to restart to buy bitcoins again.
Finally I recovered part of the accounts, and now (yesterday and today) I checked my Safex account. I did a 1st migration today, it was 41.740 coins burned and transferred to a new account. (old account is 15eZSjaaczctzM8uqCDeSDezXx5B31NRC3)

I understood that the time for migrate has finished, But I really would like your comprehension and help to check and see that I really worked a lot to get my accounts back, and every single coin is important to continue my steps in financial growth.

I really ask for your help, there need to be any kind of exception to help people to recover and reconstruct their accounts.

I appreciate all your attention, work and time to help me in a solution.

Unfortunately, you are too late. Migration is no longer possible, as of the 30 November 2019 (plus the 48hr grace period that followed).

Following the end of that period, sending old Safex to the burn address via the migration wallet will no longer make your coins eligible for participation in the process.

after 2017 when the market tanked many people walked away from their entire portfolio for a while. this meant they were not checking in on the latest and greatest news of every alt coin that lived in their portfolio either. the overarching method of just "HODL"ing and coming back in a couple years was followed by many. This is the first coin that Ive personally been involved with (yes yes i know its happened elsewhere) that straight up turned its back on the folks who funded this project from the get go and gave the attitude of “well if you snooze you lose, sorry sucker!” when people come back to check on their early investments. Frankly, it’s pretty thieving. Yea so you made an announcement that spanned 390 days. That means nothing to people who were away. Why would you just provide ZERO recourse for your early adopters? This seems like a blatant spit in the face on those who helped keep the project afloat in the early days when so many were jumping ship and selling off over things like the wallet release being delayed. So now I’m just out and it’s on me and “too bad”? I think that’s a horrible way to treat the ones who missed your deadline. My 2 cents. And I have nothing but regret for ever opening my wallet to this project with this outcome.

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You bought tokens for a project, as opposed to a simple crypto “currency”. Any time you buy project tokens, you need to stay updated on project development, to ensure that any launch of a Mainnet doesn’t leave you behind.

It has happened to me in other projects, simply because I failed to stay current on those projects.

Unfortunately, in this instance, as of the end of 2 December 2019 your old Safex are now dead, so far as the project is concerned.