Sending Bitcoins from safex wallet

Hi, i am new to crypto since beginning of october, since that time i hold a medium sized bag of safex coins
because i really like the ideas of safex and the participation of the community.
Untill now i just read the forum not partissipate but today i hope i can get some help from the community or maybe from Dan Dabek himself. Today i want to buy some coins from an ico so i desided to make a bitcoin payment true my safex wallet, i made the payment 28-11 16:00 and now 22:37 my payment is till pending i payed med. fee’s. Can anybody tell me how long this normally takes ? And is there maybe a way to stop my pending payment… I really hope i did not make a big mistake and lost my bitcoin.

Hoping for some answers …
best regards.

@tommy can you post the address “public key” you are trying to send from?

Also are you using a Windows 10 machine?

@ Dan,

Thnx for fast response this give me even more trust in safex.
Yes i use Windows 10 it took for hours before it sended my bitcoins, so i went to sleep and when i woke up my coins were send and i got mail from ico that they got the payment and i got my coins. I know you and your team are working on it as we speak and i have 100% trust in what you guys have planned for the upcoming future of safex and i am looking forward to it.

Good luck with the project, cant wait where we are next year with safex at this time.

Thnx again
Best regards.

Hello Dan I want to send Bitcoin to my SAFEX wallet will it convert it to SAFEX coin the address is the same for both SAFEX and BItCoin?



You can send bitcoin to
or use bittrex/cryptopia to convert bitcoin to Safex