Sending BTC from safex wallet


Few days ago I did the migration thing on one of two addressed I had SAFEX on.
I deposited somewhere around 0.002btc on my address and when I was done, I wanted to move it to another one. Or anywhere else, for that matter. But when I go to sending and pick BTC it shows balance of 1 satoshi instead of real balance (see attached picture).
Am I doing something wrong or is it simply not possible to send BTC via safex wallet?

Thanks for help!

Hey there, the “AMOUNT (BTC)” is where you write how much bitcoin you want to send.

Default smallest unit is 0.00000001

But your balance is the one above: 0.00170174

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Feel kinda stupid now :stuck_out_tongue:
My ALL button was not working so I would just paste my amount. Now pasted amount minus fee and was sent successfully.
Hvala! :slight_smile:

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Hey no worries; new things take a special kind of patience;

Mind you we should have wired that ‘all’ button up properly before releasing.