Sending coin from wallet

hi i tried sending some off my coins from wallet it says pending for over 2 hours now why?

Bitcoin blockchain is slower than wire transfer nowadays. That’s mostly why.

its more like the wallet is not working i closed the wallet and retry this time it says sent but still not seeing anything

Same here. Sits there in pending state and doesn’t send. The technology is still in it’s infacy i get that but some of these companies should try walking before they run. I’ve sent a message so let’s see if they respond.

you might be behind a firewall, if something doesnt work for you, it doesnt mean the end of the world. It means it is just not working for you and your configuration.

No firewall. Any other suggestions? Every other crypto wallet i have works plus it’s not only me.

do you have an active antivirus?

No AV Dan. If it helps i was able to send BTC to the wallet earlier today to cover the transaction fee. I know you guys are doing your best but not being able to move money where you need it is extremely frustrating especially with the Crypto market being extremely volatile at the moment.

I just sent a transaction successfully. Did you try restarting the application?

Yes about 5 times.

and restarted your machine?

No I’ve not tried that though I’m using a Mac not Windows :slight_smile:

Tried a restart and still the same. Does it usually stay in pending for a long time or should it be instant??

it should be instant… are you using wallet version 2?

Yes. Also tried on a Windows PC by importing my private key, same thing. Stuck at Pending. Guess it wasn’t meant to be. Hope your coin does well as seems I’m HODL’ing for the foreseeable future :frowning: