Sent SAFEX coins to wrong address in wallet from Bittrex

I may have just lost all my coins, but i moved my SAFEX coins from Bittrex to the Wallet and now i realized i used the wrong address. However the address i used was found on SAFEX wallet site.

Bittrex say transaction complete but nothing in my wallet. what do i do now?? help with either platform please!!


What do you mean by this?

I sure hope you took the private key of the website or you have the website still open.

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did you use the one on the picture on where is explains and shows the wallet???

adress starts with: 5kb8kLf9zggdashghr4uhhazPL6T…

If so… yeah well… either its an actual adress that the team has or your coins are lost :frowning:

hi all

I had a think now on what i did so, i think this is the chain of events.

i used my public key address i found on the wallet site. but i messed up by not saving or printing that page. i then for some stupid reason, clicked the generate new wallet public and private key. this one i saved and printed now.

so i used my public key as the destination address to send my coins.

Ouch. I hope it wasn’t too many coins :x: