SFT and SFX vanished?

Hi there. It seems months back I successfully migrated old safex into the V7 migration wallet. Checked in today and it’s a zero balance. What could be the problem?

Have a read through https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vnsScmYH-7e6nu3VPi6ApWuspFOKlMgP/view?usp=sharing

This will guide you through confirming whether you did everything correctly, and also what to do if you didn’t.

Absolutely certain. I followed the YouTube demonstration to the letter and it was a successful migration. I saw the SFT and SFX ( after the wait). I didn’t get a mnemonic seed phrase though and logging in after months there is a zero balance. Does it take time for balance to show or something? Checked the old wallet that the Omni tokens came from, nothing there.

So, using the .pdf, you followed the instructions and checked the BTC and Omni block explorers to confirm you had the appropriate transactions recorded?

If you’d like to share your old address, I can check also.

And you realise that you need to install a wallet designed for the new Blockchain to see your actual SFT and SFX, right?

Cli wallet, v2 Orbiter wallet, or the wallet in the McAfee Miner.

v7 migration wallet is not compatible with the new Blockchain… it is simply old wallet plus a conduit to facilitate migration.

Thanks for your interest mate. It’s getting a little over my head. I might have to tackle it later in week. I must say I didn’t know about the other wallets in order to view it. Having said that, I downloaded the orbiter and tried to install from address/ keys/ password option but when that was done I just got a blue screen in front. Like I said before I didn’t get a mnemonic phrase to use that option ( well I didn’t see it) and another option keeps saying “ file does not exist”. Can’t remember the fourth option. Appreciate your help.

There are known issues with Orbiter on Mac, but if you got blue screen on Win install, then it’s likely an issue with your antivirus and/or firewall software.

Ah. Thanks. Yes. It’s a Mac.

I would suggest you try the v2 Orbiter, but if you strike the blue screen issue, then I’d suggest just waiting for the new v8 Sails wallet to be released, hopefully within the next month or so :crossed_fingers:

Hi mate. This is an old thread but I need to follow up if it’s okay. You suggested to me that you could check if the migration was successful via old address. Is this the public address that starts with “safex” etc?
Please send a screenshot of the equivalent of what you need. Thanks in advance.
P.s couldn’t fix the blue screen issue with update due to lack of skills but now worried new wallet will not be in time for November 30 Deadline.

The old address, like the example highlighted, please… as text, not a pic.